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VanDutch announced as the exclusive yacht of McLaren racing for this year’s Monaco Grand Prix

For the F1 circuit (and really most of sport in general) the Monaco Grand Prix is superior to all. With its historic atmosphere, exclusive guest lists, and troublesome track, it makes for an all-around excellent sporting experience. For the 2019 installment of the Grand Prix, McLaren and VanDutch teamed up to extend their usual hospitality programming to the waters of the Mediterranean, while blurring the lines between racecar and cruiser yacht. Beginning Thursday of race weekend, VanDutch introduced its McLaren-inspired VanDutch fleet for McLaren executives, VIPs and drivers. The program included a test drive experience where drivers Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris tested their skills on the water, while providing some of the weekend’s most extraordinary imagery. McLaren later anointed the experience as one of the “8 Things You May Have Missed In Monaco”.
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