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The new 2019 VanDutch 40 SYE has landed.

On December 3rd, the world’s first 2019 VanDutch 40 SYE splashed the water for sea testing, the first product of VanDutch’s new production facility in Fano, Italy. Initial raw photography taken by the engineers shows a beautifully smooth extended swim platform, improve size, and improved top deck layout from its VanDutch 40 predecessor. This first 40, specialized with its Super Yacht Edition package, sets course for the South of France after successful testing concludes this week. Following the inaugural launch ship, a collection of pre-sold VanDutch 40 will leave the factory every month, with the next production slot available in late April 2019.

The new 40 is much more than a new delivery for VanDutch, as it represents the inaugural model delivered from its VanDutch 2.0 strategy, a strategy done to reinvigorated its production processes via reengineered molds, its own production facilities, and innovative processes. The move to produce itself also opened the opportunity for a wide range of options, upgrades and special features never before seen in the VanDutch fleet.

To purchase your own VanDutch 40 SYE, call us at +1 305 359 3947, email, or visit the 40 SYE webpage.

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