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VanDutch Yachts – A Style Renewed

VanDutch Yachts – A Style Renewed | 7/6/2018 – There’s nothing quite like living in the moment. Its pure bliss: careless enjoyment of everything around you. That’s what VanDutch strives to cultivate.

Starting its manifest in Europe, VanDutch defined itself by lacking the intricacies, material variances and system complexities of competitors. It was time to simplify the experience: straightforward for the beginner, chic for the sensational couple, versatile for the active family and powerful for the thrill seeker. It was welcoming; compelling even to those who’d never considered a life aquatic.

As the sole member of the fleet, the VanDutch 40 spidered through Europe, growing exponentially with its intuitive functionality and recognized lines. It became evident this was a social boat during partnerships between VanDutch, F1 Racing and Red Bull at the Monaco Grand Prix. Its centralized deck table and large top deck space successfully cultivated a centralized environment versus the forward-facing style of the rest. Since its maiden launch, the VanDutch 40 has delivered 170 hulls throughout the world.

From the marinas of Monaco the tale wages on, eventually gaining enough popularity to justify a more agile model for a more versatile clientele. The VanDutch 30 replicated the simple sophistication of its bigger brother, utilizing like hull lines and an open concept top deck to deliver a brand new cruising experience in its class. Later in 2013 came the VanDutch 55, who’s grand presence captivated a new style of boater pleasing crowds from Monaco to Miami. With the VanDutch 55 came a popularity with some of today’s brightest celebrities, influencers and business moguls, who’ve helped spread VanDutch Style further throughout the world. The 55’s culmination occurred with a partnership between luxury watch brand HUBLOT, when both companies embarked to create a unique version of their product to pay homage to the partner. VanDutch delivered the VanDutch 55 “Big Bang” a stealthily all-black bullet, hosting HUBLOT VIPs and celebrities from 2015 to today. In turn, the timepiece icon created a 55-piece limited edition Aerofusion timepiece, utilizing natural materials from VanDutch production for detail. The piece was sold in HUBLOT stores and direct to VanDutch owners worldwide. Now we focus on the future.

We now stand in 2018, 10 years since our first launch. To celebrate its anniversary, VanDutch has set out to inspire the social sharing of anyone with a special moment shared aboard a VanDutch since 2008. Using the hashtag #VanDutch10, revelers can share their favorite VanDutch moment alongside a global collective of fans. Alongside the anniversary campaign, VanDutch’s 2018 model year brings a collection of new products and special editions including the VanDutch 40, Super Yacht Edition, 48, 56 and 75, to serve any boating style or function. As a testament to the company’s avant-garde history, the new 40 represents a new age of VanDutch design, style and function. While retaining the defined lines and simplicity of the original 40, the new 40 starts its journey 10 in/25 cm longer and 10 in/25 cm higher than its predecessor, a notable difference able to afford brand new top deck features and an enriched luxury interior layout in its cabin. Early opportunists have already redeemed their chance to pre-order the new 40 for Summer 2018 delivery, with hulls set to arrive to New Jersey, New York, Florida and Italy beginning this July.

The choice to identify the second generation as the new 40 runs deeper than just a set of options and upgrades. It represents a determination to reinvigorate and reward the global collective of VanDutch owners and fans who have defined VanDutch Style. The redesigned hull was conceived through a revolutionary CNC molding process, showcasing an automated, computerized cutting procedure, which delivers a perfect mold. Although hand laid elements will always be a cornerstone to luxury yacht building, its production procedures continue to join the family of automation. Where the customer previously only desired the finished product, now they are educating themselves on the building process, materials used along with production strategies and techniques to fully understand the construction process. This evolution has placed our focus not only on the product, but its environment.

In 2018 VanDutch introduced its own production facility located in New Jersey, to focus its efforts on constructing the perfect production atmosphere. With 100,000 square feet of indoor space, each of the VanDutch models will be produced under one roof by 2019, including the new VanDutch 48, a crossover project which took the famous VanDutch 55 top deck layout and sized it down for a more adaptable vessel.

The true style of VanDutch lives within its riders. From its historic rise to relevance, to innovative production and an infusion of new models, 2018 and beyond will bring about a VanDutch style renewed. Whether you are walking the sunny beaches of Miami, or sipping rosé at Ibiza’s Blue Marlin, there’s a good chance you’ll see a VanDutch pass by. Its effortless image forever overshadowed by the utter content of its guests, enjoying the moment as if today’s cruise washes the worries away.

For more information on VanDutch, visit or contact VanDutch Sales at +1 305 359 3947. @VanDutch // #VanDutch

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