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VanDutch is Art

VanDutch is Art | Collaboration

GINVI x VanDutch photographer Alfredo Omana Padron

In early September of 2017, an exciting opportunity took shape when GINVI studios out of Rotterdam connected with VanDutch photographer Alfredo Omana Padron, to create visually stunning works from some of our most revered images. When Omana Padron and GINVI’s principal Frank Janmaat began collaborating, they selected a stunning image of a VanDutch 55 resting in the Port of Miami overlooking the city’s afternoon skyline.

The project took shape quickly, to materialize this image into GINVI’s best known work, large format poured glass prints using with crystal detailing. Both Omana Padron and Janmaat worked side by side to develop a set of unique pieces for VanDutch, even extending their project into Omana Padron’s collection of high fashion photography.

Each piece begins with a large format VanDutch print done on metallic paper, and poured with Liquid Gloss® – a transparent synthetic resin – to create an imperfect reflection of the piece, refracting light from multiple sources to make the image sparkle in hundreds of places. Employing a specially developed manual process, the photo panel is rendered with a two-layer Liquid Gloss® coating, laying 4mm thick. For added affect, crystals can be installed on top of the poured glass to add depth and one-of-a-kind flare to each piece.

AP’s of the limited edition series were on display at VanDutch Center Fort Lauderdale.

VanDutch is proud to collaborate with GINVI for this special project.

Details of the work:

Dimensions: 150 x 70 cm.

Medium: Lambda print

Specialty: 2 layers of Liquid Gloss ®

Series: 40 pieces (2 AP)

Price: $ 2,499