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The Coolest Customers On The Water

The coolest customers on the water-

By Hadley Henriette

IT’S NOT SURPRISING THAT A VANDUTCH 55 APPEARS IN THE opening scene of the new Entourage movie.

The high-performance, sleek and sexy motor yachts are the ultimate cool-guy toys. Established in the Netherlands in 2008, they’re also the new kid on the block.

That means that if you act fast, you won’t see yourself coming and going on the waterway. Models range from 30-feet up to 75, and keep in mind what’s important for their intended audience. Expect high-quality materials, spacious lounges and sunbathing decks, easy maneuverability and cutting-edge design replete with LED lights in all the right places.

This fall they’re set to introduce the E Series, a low-emission line using the same technology as the Formula E. We dare say Vince—or rather, Adrien Grenier—would approve.

Contact your nearest VanDutch Center for Prices.