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VanDutch 40

The Classic VanDutch 40.

‘Special’ is a word used far too frequently in description. We’ll leave it to you to characterize the 2018 VanDutch 40 how you’d like. The floor is yours. Before you decide, look to a redesigned topdeck experience, redesigned and upgraded helm, new captain’s controls improved accessibility, and more. The most important element though, is its unique style. Using ‘special’ might be too direct, ‘amazing’ may be too euphoric; but that is for you to decide. The VanDutch 40 is classic, redefined.

VanDutch 56T


The 2018 VanDutch 56T features a stunningly sleek T-Top, one that speaks to the timeless design of VanDutch while shading you from whatever nature throws your way. With new navigation and performance systems, hull & deck social improvements, and a comprehensive list of options and upgrades to make it your own, this VanDutch fulfills the challenge of extending your style to the water. We’ve stayed true to shape and style of its 55 foot predecessor, while upgrading the on-board experience to match tomorrow’s expectations.

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VanDutch 75T

VanDutch 75T Extraordinary.

The 2018 VanDutch 75T is extraordinary in presence, capability, and style. The most anticipated VanDutch model to ever hit the water has arrived, touting gigantic sun beds, tender & toy housing, refrigerated deck tables, a full-service cockpit wet bar, and a sleek T-Top to cover it all. And that’s just the outside.

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