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VanDutch’s newest production facility opens operation this June, with deliveries scheduled for this fall.

Building smarter

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Build smarter: the mantra that manifested into an innovative, efficient, and brand-focused VanDutch production facility, currently operating in New Jersey, USA. VanDutch aims to control as much of its product’s lifecycle as possible, which “begins with the customer’s introduction to our brand and hopefully never ends” states it’s executing strategy team. By opening a new facility alongside the launch of three new models, the team took the opportunity to renovate manufacturing from the ground up, focusing first on what is most important to VanDutch customers: the quality of their VanDutch, and the quality of their overall VanDutch experience.

That exciting VanDutch experience will show in the design and operation of the new facility, which is planned to include live cameras for customers to watch their boat’s progression, a VanDutch Lounge to host private facility visits, and numerous tracking and logistic strategies tailored to the VanDutch manufacturing process. The site’s 100,000 covered square feet will be dedicated to producing all VanDutch models by 2019.

VanDutch continues its production expansion, now building between the United States and Italy.

The all-new 40.2 along with the new VanDutch Super Yacht Edition — personally crafted for the world’s top super yachts — are currently in production in Fano, Italy, with deliveries beginning this July.

The goals of this new production venture focus on all elements of the brand’s presence, starting with the exterior look and feel of the New Jersey facility, which needed to represent the clean, simple sophistication of VanDutch style. The facility’s interior has undergone a significant transformation as well; redesigned to emulate the clean, minimalistic facilities of today’s forward-thinking production giants, while still earning its quality from a veteran build staff and thorough quality control process required of every VanDutch yacht coming off the line.

Amidst improved production quality is an advance in power and propulsion options, delivering new opportunity in performance.

The final 2019 VanDutch 40.2 mold awaits its next production stage after the CNC precision routing process.

Efficiency is key in any production process, both in time and in limiting error. For its molds, VanDutch has elected to utilize the highly advanced CNC precision mold processing; a computer automated cutting process, which produces a final mold in less time with almost zero imperfection. All VanDutch molds including the new 40.2 and new 48 have been produced using CNC technology.

CNC crop

The VanDutch 40.2 mold being cut with CNC technology this Spring. All new VanDutch molds will utilize the same technology in an effort to reduce production imperfections.

When ready for paint, the VanDutch will travel to the VanDutch Personalization Center, a separate structure on campus devoted to fulfilling the visual dreams of the customer. Models are available with unique color matching included, leaving the final color and finish to the customer’s imagination, including specialty finishes like metallic, matte and pearl. Also on site is a 90-foot test pool, plenty of space to test the VanDutch 75, which will conclude its production on-site this fall.

Unique elements like the VanDutch Personalization Center are key features of the VanDutch Production Experience, a package for owners seeking a trip to see their VanDutch in build. The experience includes private airport transportation, luxury accommodations, helicopter transportation to the production site and a private tour of the facility.

The ultimate goal for VanDutch manufacturing: transparency in production. The customer’s build process is a personal journey to creating their dream, and by building smarter, VanDutch continues its quest to revolutionize sporty aqua mobility.

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