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VanDutch Yachts – A Style Renewed

VanDutch Yachts – A Style Renewed | 7/6/2018 – There’s nothing quite like living in the moment. Its pure bliss: careless enjoyment of everything around you. That’s what VanDutch strives to cultivate.

Starting its manifest in Europe, VanDutch defined itself by lacking the intricacies, material variances and system complexities of competitors. It was time to simplify the experience: straightforward for the beginner, chic for the sensational couple, versatile for the active family and powerful for the thrill seeker. It was welcoming; compelling even to those who’d never considered a life aquatic.

As the sole member of the fleet, the VanDutch 40 spidered through Europe, growing exponentially with its intuitive functionality and recognized lines. It became evident this was a social boat during partnerships between VanDutch, F1 Racing and Red Bull at the Monaco Grand Prix. Its centralized deck table and large top deck space successfully cultivated a centralized environment versus the forward-facing style of the rest. Since its maiden launch, the VanDutch 40 has delivered 170 hulls throughout the world.

From the marinas of Monaco the tale wages on, eventually gaining enough popularity to justify a more agile model for a more versatile clientele. The VanDutch 30 replicated the simple sophistication of its bigger brother, utilizing like hull lines and an open concept top deck to deliver a brand new cruising experience in its class. Later in 2013 came the VanDutch 55, who’s grand presence captivated a new style of boater pleasing crowds from Monaco to Miami. With the VanDutch 55 came a popularity with some of today’s brightest celebrities, influencers and business moguls, who’ve helped spread VanDutch Style further throughout the world. The 55’s culmination occurred with a partnership between luxury watch brand HUBLOT, when both companies embarked to create a unique version of their product to pay homage to the partner. VanDutch delivered the VanDutch 55 “Big Bang” a stealthily all-black bullet, hosting HUBLOT VIPs and celebrities from 2015 to today. In turn, the timepiece icon created a 55-piece limited edition Aerofusion timepiece, utilizing natural materials from VanDutch production for detail. The piece was sold in HUBLOT stores and direct to VanDutch owners worldwide. Now we focus on the future.

We now stand in 2018, 10 years since our first launch. To celebrate its anniversary, VanDutch has set out to inspire the social sharing of anyone with a special moment shared aboard a VanDutch since 2008. Using the hashtag #VanDutch10, revelers can share their favorite VanDutch moment alongside a global collective of fans. Alongside the anniversary campaign, VanDutch’s 2018 model year brings a collection of new products and special editions including the VanDutch 40.2, Super Yacht Edition, 48, 56 and 75, to serve any boating style or function. As a testament to the company’s avant-garde history, the 40.2 represents a new age of VanDutch design, style and function. While retaining the defined lines and simplicity of the original 40, the 40.2 starts its journey 10 in/25 cm longer and 10 in/25 cm higher than its predecessor, a notable difference able to afford brand new top deck features and an enriched luxury interior layout in its cabin. Early opportunists have already redeemed their chance to pre-order the 40.2 for Summer 2018 delivery, with hulls set to arrive to New Jersey, New York, Florida and Italy beginning this July.

The choice to identify the second generation as the 40.2 runs deeper than just a set of options and upgrades. It represents a determination to reinvigorate and reward the global collective of VanDutch owners and fans who have defined VanDutch Style. The redesigned hull was conceived through a revolutionary CNC molding process, showcasing an automated, computerized cutting procedure, which delivers a perfect mold. Although hand laid elements will always be a cornerstone to luxury yacht building, its production procedures continue to join the family of automation. Where the customer previously only desired the finished product, now they are educating themselves on the building process, materials used along with production strategies and techniques to fully understand the construction process. This evolution has placed our focus not only on the product, but its environment.

In 2018 VanDutch introduced its own production facility located in New Jersey, to focus its efforts on constructing the perfect production atmosphere. With 100,000 square feet of indoor space, each of the VanDutch models will be produced under one roof by 2019, including the new VanDutch 48, a crossover project which took the famous VanDutch 55 top deck layout and sized it down for a more adaptable vessel.

The true style of VanDutch lives within its riders. From its historic rise to relevance, to innovative production and an infusion of new models, 2018 and beyond will bring about a VanDutch style renewed. Whether you are walking the sunny beaches of Miami, or sipping rosé at Ibiza’s Blue Marlin, there’s a good chance you’ll see a VanDutch pass by. Its effortless image forever overshadowed by the utter content of its guests, enjoying the moment as if today’s cruise washes the worries away.

For more information on VanDutch, visit VanDutch.com or contact VanDutch Sales at +1 305 359 3947. @VanDutch // #VanDutch

Original Source of Information: https://www.elevatedluxurylife.com/single-post/vandutch 
VanDutch Launches French Locations

VanDutch Strengthens Mediterranean Presence Opening VanDutch Center France on the Cote D’Azur

For Immediate Release | Port de la Rague, FR – April 25, 2018 – Today, VanDutch has announced the opening of VanDutch Center France, a VanDutch Sales & Service Center located in Port De La Rague, FR, along the beautiful coastline of Southern France. VanDutch France will become VanDutch’s Mediterranean headquarters and central service location of all Mediterranean VanDutch yachts. This new sales & service location provides VanDutch customers the sales & service support they need, right where they live, eat and play, and there is no better global destination than the beaches, restaurants, museums and galleries of the French Riviera.

VanDutch Center France will sell the entire VanDutch fleet, including the new 40.2 delivering Summer 2018, a new version of the best-selling VanDutch 40, and the all-new VanDutch 48. VanDutch Centers allow customers to sit with their personal VanDutch specialist, to build their perfect VanDutch through a selection of colors, upholsteries and options available on new 2019 models. Each VanDutch Center is also outfitted with a VanDutch Boutique filled with apparel, accessories and water toys perfect for a day in VanDutch Style. VanDutch France joins Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Newport Beach, Istanbul and Cancun as the premier Factory Direct sales locations for VanDutch worldwide.

After the sale, the VanDutch Customer Care team takes over to provide the best possible ownership experience. The introduction of VanDutch France and its Port de la Rague location allows European customers a headquarter service portal closer than ever before, chosen for its existing popularity, mooring 20 or more VanDutch boats at a given time. For all Mediterranean service inquiries, owners can email [email protected]

Get in touch with the new VanDutch Center France:

VanDutch Center France
Port de La Rague, 06210 Mandelieu La Napoule
E: [email protected]
P: +33 (0) 621 200 826

VanDutch manufactures, sells and services its luxury fleet throughout the world. Its offering now consists of six models, the 30, 40.2, SYE, 48, 56 and 75, with production in both Europe and the United States.

Vandutch Partners With Miami Yacht Show & Superyacht Miami For Vip Tender Service

VanDutch has received the prestige title of Official VIP Transfer Vessel of the 2018 Miami Yacht Show and SuperYacht Miami. VIP ticket holders will cruise in style aboard a VanDutch fleet between the Miami Yacht Show VIP Tent on Collins Ave and SuperYacht Miami located at Island Gardens Marina on Watson Island. The transfer will host over 200 guests per day, comprised of the industry’s top brokers, yacht owners and media.

“For a simply stunning cruise experience through Miami’s top destinations by water, VanDutch can’t be beat,” described Reed Nicol, Director of Operations of VanDutch. “Our sizable top deck, easy maneuvering, and clean design makes for the perfect VIP experience for show guests, and presents the luxury image Show Management, the Miami Yacht Show and SuperYacht Miami are targeting for their program. And plus, its Miami, what better than VanDutch?”

From Thursday to Monday, February 15-19, 2018, you can see these luxury cruisers tendering guests between downtown Miami and Miami Beach. In addition to these VIP transfer tenders, VanDutch will also feature its VanDutch 55 alongside the Miami Yacht Show VIP tent, a VanDutch 40 tender linked to Incognito, a Mangusta 130 on display at SuperYacht Miami, and a collection of brand activities throughout the week.

For media placement & interviews, register at VanDutch.com/mediarequest.
VanDutch Becomes Official VIP Transfer Vessel of Miami Yacht Show

Vandutch Activates The Miami International Boat Show In Style

For Immediate Release | Miami, FL, USA – February 7, 2018 — VanDutch has received the prestige title of Official VIP Transfer Vessel of the 2018 Miami Yacht Show. VIP ticket holders will be able to cruise in style aboard a VanDutch fleet between the Miami Yacht Show VIP Tent on Collins Ave and SuperYacht Miami located at Island Gardens Marina on Watson Island. The transfer will host over 500 guests per day, comprised of the industry’s top brokers, yacht owners and media. On display at Miami Yacht Show: You can experience the luxurious VanDutch 55 on display at the Miami Yacht Show, through Entrance 3 just next to the VIP Experience. Guests are welcome to tour the yacht to see the 55’s sleek design and spacious layout. Register at VanDutch.com/MYS for more information on this listing, additional VanDutch listings, and for 2019 new model information. Registered clients will enjoy a craft cocktail from Ron Zacapa Rum. New introductions to the VanDutch model line in 2018/2019 include the 56, 56T, 75T and X series. The X represents the first outboard powered VanDutch, available in open (X) and T-Top (XT), delivering Summer 2018. Completing the VanDutch model line are the 30, 40, and 75. All models are now available through a new Super Yacht Edition program, fitting the custom luxury needs of the world’s most exclusive yachting market. Events: VanDutch will host events and promotional showcases during the show, including two evenings at the Delano South Beach. On Thursday, February 15th, VanDutch and the Delano host a VIP kickoff cocktail reception for industry executives, VIPs and a limited number of online RSVPs. The evening will begin with a complimentary bar from 8pm – 9pm, and extend into the evening. Register to attend at vandutchstyle.com.delanoboatshow. Also on Thursday, the VanDutch 30 will be on display during an invitation-only event hosted with Toys for Boys at their Wynwood gallery & showroom. From Thursday through Saturday, VanDutch, Delano South Beach, and Beau Joie host an exclusive Champagne cruise for invited media, influencers and the penthouse guests of the Delano and SLS Hotels. Guests will enjoy Beau Joie champagne and hors d’oeuvres from Leynia, while cruising Miami aboard a custom VanDutch 55 to experience the Miami International Boat Show from the water. For more information on VanDutch sales, email [email protected] For media placement & interviews, register at VanDutch.com/MediaRegistration. For new and Pre-Owned inventory, visit www.VanDutch.com/certified.

VanDutch & owners report zero damage across all vessels during hurricanes due to successful storm preparation

By:  Dave Clark, VanDutch Customer Care Manager ( [email protected] ) There has been a substantial uptick in strong storm activity for residents in Florida, the Caribbean, Bahamas and Puerto Rico, and with strong storms comes a requirement for best practices when securing your boat. VanDutch is proud to report a 100% safety rate for its vessels during Hurricane Irma, and we urge boat owners to share successful strategies to help us all preserve the longevity of our favorite assets for future storms. There are multiple ways to prep your boat for strong storm surges, depending on your existing docking situation, budget and insurance requirements. It’s important to negotiate a reasonable and feasible hurricane strategy with your insurance provider, to assure your boat will be covered in unfortunate circumstances. VanDutch provides its owners with hurricane strategy and execution of your hurricane plan should you be out of town or unable to secure your vessel in time. We’ve collectively identified the following best practices for mooring your vessel during a storm. Strategy 1: Wet slip Managed VanDutch vessels remaining in water during storm surges are fitted with “double lines and fenders”, which uses all available lines and fenders when mooring. Strong winds and large tide surges pose an immense threat to any boat left in water, doubling lines with enough excess length will help ensure your boat is able to rise and fall with much greater tide surge than usual.  Fenders should be used in conjunction to accommodate the boat at these tide heights to prevent damage from surrounding docks or pilings. Store exterior cushions, electronic covers, boat covers and any other loose objects away in hatches or inside the cabin. Although a strong strategy if needed, leaving a boat in water leaves the greatest risk to your vessel, and is never recommended. Strategy 2: Boat lift Having your boat on a secure lift will help combat foul weather and storm surge. To achieve maximum protection to your vessel while on a lift, we recommend the following:
  1. Ensure your boat lift is set to maximum height, turning off shore power and power to the lift
  2. Secure your boat directly to the lift with either mooring lines or heavy duty ratchet straps
  3. Add spring lines or straps forward and aft to prevent the boat from floating away should it be carried off the lift.
  4. Store exterior cushions, electronic covers, boat covers and any other loose objects away in hatches or inside the cabin.
Strategy 3: Dry Dock, outside Having your VanDutch stored in dry dock at a shipyard or marina is the safest strategy when extreme weather is imminent. Your hurricane plan should specify your ideal location, and you can pre-arrange your reservation to guarantee availability regardless of when the storm comes. Have peace of mind from storm surge, damage from surrounding docks and damage from floating debris when you are safely situated on land. As your boat will still be exposed to wind and flying debris we recommend having your boat padded and shrink wrapped to mitigate damage from flying debris to your exterior. Store exterior cushions, electronic covers, boat covers and any other loose objects away in hatches or inside the cabin. Strategy 4: Dry Dock, inside Recommended for any impending hurricane, this is the best form of protection for your boat. Usually stored in a category 5 rated facility, your vessel will stay out of reach from any storm surge, floating or flying debris, without the need to pad and shrink wrap the exterior. You may also pad and shrink wrap for extra protection from nearby boats in the building during movement and long-term storage. Hurricanes and other catastrophic weather can be a stressful time for anyone. Don’t add to your stress by taking limited steps to protect your vessel during the storm. Pre-plan your strategy, and know exactly who is responsible for its execution, and at what point the plan goes into action. At VanDutch, these services are available to any owner to ensure the safety and security of their vessel for years to come. Our trained staff is eager to keep your VanDutch is prime form, ready to cruise whenever you are. Contact our Sales or Service departments today to discuss becoming a VanDutch owner, and how you can have peace of mind during any strong storm. Download VanDutch Storm Strategy Poster   VanDutch Sales: +1 305 359 3947[email protected] VanDutch Service: +1 954 368 5744[email protected]  
VanDutch Art

VanDutch is Art

VanDutch is Art | Collaboration

GINVI x VanDutch photographer Alfredo Omana Padron

In early September of 2017, an exciting opportunity took shape when GINVI studios out of Rotterdam connected with VanDutch photographer Alfredo Omana Padron, to create visually stunning works from some of our most revered images. When Omana Padron and GINVI’s principal Frank Janmaat began collaborating, they selected a stunning image of a VanDutch 55 resting in the Port of Miami overlooking the city’s afternoon skyline.

The project took shape quickly, to materialize this image into GINVI’s best known work, large format poured glass prints using with crystal detailing. Both Omana Padron and Janmaat worked side by side to develop a set of unique pieces for VanDutch, even extending their project into Omana Padron’s collection of high fashion photography.

Each piece begins with a large format VanDutch print done on metallic paper, and poured with Liquid Gloss® – a transparent synthetic resin – to create an imperfect reflection of the piece, refracting light from multiple sources to make the image sparkle in hundreds of places. Employing a specially developed manual process, the photo panel is rendered with a two-layer Liquid Gloss®  coating, laying 4mm thick. For added affect, crystals can be installed on top of the poured glass to add depth and one-of-a-kind flare to each piece.

AP’s of the limited edition series are on display at VanDutch Center Fort Lauderdale.

VanDutch is proud to collaborate with GINVI for this special project, opening orders for Art Basel, now through the end of the year. 

Details of the work:

Dimensions: 150 x 70 cm.

Medium:  Lambda print

Specialty: 2 layers of Liquid Gloss ®

Series: 40 pieces (2 AP)

Price: $ 2,499

Order now

Kick-off Summer in Style

Heineken & VanDutch | El Clásico Experience

To celebrate one of the most anticipated soccer matches to take place in the United States, Heineken & VanDutch provided Miami’s biggest influencers with a one-of-a-kind aquatic experience for El Clásico.

For four straight days leading to the culmination of the International Champions Cup soccer series, a custom-wrapped fleet of Heineken-branded VanDutch 55’s toured the waters of the Magic City.

Led by Miami-based tastemakers Norma Now (event producer), Raul Sanchez (Nightlife), Purple (Nightlife Promoter) and Derick G (Photographer/Videographer), the three-hour tours included a stop at Miami’s Marine Stadium and concluded at the River Yacht Club’s VanDutch Lounge, one of the city’s premiere waterfront hotspots. Celebrities Kaylin Garcia, French Montana and Dave East, among others, joined the tours throughout the program period.

On the day of the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid match, the Heineken VanDutch fleet gave VIPs premium transit to Hard Rock Stadium, circumventing gridlocked game traffic. Throughout the weekend, the experience was documented by photographers, allowing influencers to share striking photos, videos and drone shots of their El Clásico weekend with Heineken and VanDutch.

The El Clásico event series continued the Heineken VanDutch partnership, following the 2016 #SaveYourSeat campaign curated by marketing agency Team Epiphany, which helped lead to the $45 million bond to restore Miami Marine Stadium.

VanDutch 55

VanDutch 55 Featured in Fat Joe’s New “So Excited” Music Video

Watch the “So Excited” music video below.

Fat Joe is a wanted man in the action-packed video for his latest single, “So Excited”, featured the VanDutch 55 and a segment in the VanDutch Lounge at the River Yacht Club in Miami, FL. Directed by Gil Green, the sleek video finds Fat Joe, Don Cartagena and Dre aboard a VanDutch 55 as they cruise Miami waters. The shoot included two SWOT helicopters that “chase” the group through the Miami River, where a VanDutch 40 joins the production. The video includes a surprise cameo from VanDutch enthusiast DJ Khaled, who arrives to River Yacht Club via a VanDutch 40. “So Excited” is the lead single off Fat Joe’s new album The Book of Joe, his first solo release since 2010’s The Darkside Vol. 1. In February, he released Plata o Plomo, his joint project with Remy Ma. Watch below to see the VanDutch 55 in the music video for Fat Joe’s new single “So Excited”.

Cancun, VanDutch Center of the Year

VanDutch Center Cancun, VanDutch Center of the Year Whether viral videos or VanDutch vessels, VanDutch Center Cancun excels at growing the VanDutch brand south of the border. When deciding on our ‘Center Of The Year’ accolade, VanDutch turns to its Centers looking for who has expanded the reach of the brand, through innovative marketing, sales and service strategies. For 2016, we looked no further than our partners to the south at VanDutch Cancun, established in 2015 in Puerto Cancun, and operating with just 10 employees. VanDutch Cancun has provided you with the most stunning marketing content captured over the course of 2016, including premium vessel shots, and our company’s attempt to break the internet with the VanDutch Mannequin Challenge. The VanDutch Center Cancun has engulfed itself in the heart of Cancun, surrounded by great restaurants, shopping, soccer fields and more. For sales and marketing through VanDutch Center Cancun, email [email protected].  

Carbon Style is now available.

Carbon Style is now available.

Its time to bring the racetrack to the waterway. VanDutch Owners and enthusiasts alike are raving over the new Carbon Style Package, including premium carbon dash panel, deck table, speaker inserts, steering wheel, flag pole and ski pole. Comprised of four types of performance carbon, this collection is constructed by those working with custom Pagani and Lamborghini carbon fiber. View the gallery to find exclusive imagery featuring the VanDutch 40 Carbon Style Package. Contact VanDutch Sales for information on available inventory, options, lifestyle benefits, and more. Order Now: +1 954 368 5744 Email Order: [email protected]

VanDutch 40: Getting There In Style

Haute Yacht of the Week

VanDutch 40: Getting There In Style Sometimes you want to simply explore your surroundings in something smaller than your yacht, or arrive at, say the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, in style while leaving an impression. The VanDutch 40 is not only the perfect for this, but does it with a sense of style and sophistication that you are hard pressed to anywhere else. VanDutch is short for Vanguard Dutch Marine which was founded in The Netherlands in 2008. The VanDutch 40 was the very first product they launched. Its sleek and eye-catching design was created by renowned designer Frank Mulder. What makes it that the VanDutch 40 makes such a powerful impression is the minimalist design, combined with very high-end materials and a superb finish. While being the perfect cruiser, things can get fast when needed. Two Cummins Diesels of 480 HP can propel the VanDutch 40 up to 36 knots. Versatility is another key element of the VanDutch 40, as it can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people. Next to a roundtable seating and sunbeds does it also have underwater LED lights and an outdoor hot/cold shower, but also a JL Audio Sound system to really get the party started. Added comfort can be found below deck with a convertible cabin table with dual berth, microwave, refrigerator as well as a cabin bathroom with hand held shower, high enough to stand up in. Dutch ingenuity can be found in the application of Esthec decking, which gives a teak wood look with very little maintenance while the quick-drying Silvertex fabric ensures comfortable seating on the cushions and beds. While the VanDutch is an able performer, in the design phase there was extra attention placed on making the ride as comfortable as possible, as well as easy handling of the boat. This resulted in a very innovative haul that is able to put the power down, without sacrifice the smoothness of the ride. Combine this with the VanDutch stunning looks, and you have a great all-rounder that will get you anywhere in style but is also a destination in itself. by Martin Green Read the entire article at: http://hauteliving.com/2017/02/vandutch-40-getting-there-in-style/628605/  

Residences to dock your boat

THE RITZ-CARLTON RESIDENCES, MIAMI BEACH This residences-only property is situated on Surprise Lake, a sheltered channel that leads to both the ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. It features a private marina with docking facilities for 36 boats as well as access to a private houseboat—a 40-foot VanDutch yacht with its own captain, perfect for those who don’t want the headache of ownership. 4701 N. Meridian Ave., Miami Beach, 305-602-2929 Read the entire article at: oceandrive.com https://oceandrive.com/beautiful-miami-homes-with-boat-docks
Boatyard & Vandutch Events

Boats & Bubbles

Boatyard Launches ‘Boats & Bubbles’ Weekly Ladies Night Series With Free Champagne Cruises Since Boatyard first opened this past fall, it has become a prime coastal dining destination with an upscale casual reputation. Now, the dock-and-dine restaurant is aiming to boost its standing in the yachting community by launching a new “Boats & Bubbles” Ladies Night series. The weekly event, which kicks off Jan. 28 and will take place every Thursday, lets ladies drink free from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the indoor and outdoor bars as well as the outdoor fire pit. Plus, female patrons can take a ride aboard a Van Dutch yacht for a complimentary champagne cruise along the Intracoastal. “The concept for Boatyard’s new Ladies Night was really a no-brainer given our prime waterfront location and partnership with VanDutch,” Tim Petrillo, president and co-founder of The Restaurant People, said in a press release. The Van Dutch cruises are limited to women only, with reservations made on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be three departures each Thursday night—at 7:15 p.m., 8:15 p.m., and 9:15 p.m.—for 10 ladies per ride. Boatyard is encouraging ladies to arrive early for happy hour (half-off beer, wine and cocktails from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.) or dinner in order to reserve a spot aboard the yacht. Free drinks for women during the Ladies Night promotion include Grey Goose cocktails, M&R Prosecco, house wine and domestic beer. Men are, of course, welcome to join the ladies at the bar. “[W]e hope Boats & Bubbles will be the next big ‘scene to be seen’ in Fort Lauderdale,” Petrillo said. Boatyard; 1555 SE 17th St., Fort Lauderdale by Lyssa Goldberg Read the entire article at: https://www.fortlauderdaledaily.com/upfront/noteworthy/boatyard-launches-boats-bubbles-weekly-ladies-night-series-free-champagne-cruises

Vantage & VanDutch

Vantage & VanDutch

Want to explore French Polynesia—Tahiti, Bora-Bora or the remote Tuamotu Archipelago, an untouched fishing and diving mecca? Look no further than Vantage, built in 2010 by Palmer Johnson, but it’s fresh from an extensive refit earlier this year. The 150-foot sport yacht not only explores the most pristine bucket-list destinations in style, but guests are welcome to bring extra luggage. That’s because Vantage will be trailed by Ad-Vantage, its 180-foot Damen shadow boat. The shadow boat allows for an almost-unheard-of flotilla of tenders and water toys that won’t clutter up the mothership. The tenders include a 40-foot VanDutch motor yacht for cruising the local islands and a 34-foot Jupiter center-console boat for diving and fishing in remote waters. The other onboard vessels include a Hobie Cat sailboat, a bunch of kayaks and water toys, and an optional three-person submersible. The mini-sub is capable of carrying guests 3,000 feet beneath the sea in true Jules Verne style. Vantage has five staterooms for 10 guests, but with Ad-Vantage’s extra accommodations, 16 guests can make the trip of a lifetime into the heart of Polynesia. (oceanindependence.com) Length: 150 feet Beam: 27 feet, 7 inches Guests: 16 Crew: 9 Weekly Rates: from $192,500 Source of Information: Robb Report http://robbreport.com/boating-yachting/slideshow/10-best-charter-yachts-winter/vantage-and-ad-vantage    
VanDutch + Champion Porsche

VanDutch + Champion Porsche

VanDutch + Champion Porsche Collaborate on VIP Transfer to Boat Show 11/3/2016 – 11/7/2016

Dear VanDutch Enthusiast, We are proud to announce a partnership with Champion Porsche during and beyond the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. VanDutch VIPs enjoy complimentary Porsche Cayenne shuttle service to and from the VanDutch Sales Center on Las Olas Boulevard. Our exclusive Champion Porsche VanDutch 40 is on display at the center and viewable to all passing Las Olas Boulevard. Champion Porsche & VanDutch: Together helping our clients ‘Arrive in Style’ during the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show!


BREAKING NEWS: VANDUTCH 2.0 INTRODUCED For Immediate Release | Ft. Lauderdale, FL – VanDutch USA officially announces the introduction of VanDutch 2.0. VanDutch USA has announced a comprehensive upgrade to its corporate structure and operations, a move bringing immediate product innovation and luxury customer systems to the yachting world’s elite. Product Innovation: What the company is calling “VanDutch 2.0” is focused to provide a state-of-the-art product experience at a more desirable price point for the educated luxury consumer. VanDutch will introduce three new product models in 2017, featuring Convertible, T-Top and Coupe versions for varying climates and functions. Through these cosmetic upgrades, the brand will stay true to its classic design, effortless performance and luxury style. Customer Systems: VanDutch 2.0 has allocated significant resources to a new division of their operation called “VanDutch Customer Systems”, a complete consumer ecosystem focused on the VanDutch brand experience. Included is the VanDutch Owners Club, a collection of benefits, access and experiences with a list of luxury partners exclusive to VanDutch Owners worldwide, including private global VanDutch Lounge locations. The system includes a proprietary smartphone application where Owners can redeem club benefits, request service, detailing, captains services, engage with VanDutch’s luxury partners and more. Following this release, new product, production and Customer Systems information will be announced in sequence. For more information on VanDutch, visit www.VanDutch.com.    About VanDutch USA VanDutch USA is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of VanDutch yachts in the Americas. First it was the VanDutch 40, Netherlands-born with exceptional design for exceptional people. Every production forever fulfilling the challenge to build a fast, lightweight vessel with timeless design, compelling comfort and impressive performance.  The project grew to satisfy a need for precision sport luxury built specifically for the yachting world’s elite. In validating the concept the challenge continued, delivering the nimble VD30 and the commanding VD55 to market. Those who want VanDutch are sure of it. No questions. No concerns. It’s where ambition meets style, with countless ways to get there. VanDutch is chic for the sensational couple, versatile for the active family and powerful for the thrill seeker. Its design caters to modern style, while keeping classically humble. It’s the style that sells. ‘Arrive in style. Leave an impression.’ Reed Nicol – Director of Operations | C. +1 201 264 6356 | O. +1 954 900 5195| E. [email protected]

Prestige Imports. | VanDutch Partner

Brett David + VanDutch Partner

Brett David CEO, Prestige Imports. | VanDutch Partner

THE DEALER SPEAKS Prestige Imports CEO Brett David took over the family business at age 19 after the sudden death of his father nearly a decade ago. While the Miami exotic car dealer initially feared getting ‘eaten up in the car world,’ he eventually found his stride by using creative marketing, connecting with customers on social media, and staying humble in a ‘materialistic business.’ Source of Information: Automotive News TV

VanDutch 30 In Bentley Blue!

Just Arrived: VanDutch 30 In Bentley Blue!

This VanDutch is versatile. This VanDutch is eye-catching. The VanDutch 30 opens a world of possibility, with no limitation. Day trips around the bay, water sports in style, romantic evenings on the water, its all possible. When you’re touring in Bentley Blue, you’re touring in VanDutch Style. See below to request more information on this VanDutch 30, or submit your offer via email. Request more information | Submit an offer    
The official video for Skrillex & Rick Ross -

Suicide Squad Soundtrack Video

See the VanDutch 55 in “Purple Lamborghini” by Rick Ross & Skrillex

Published on Aug 5, 2016 VanDutch Style!! The official video for Skrillex & Rick Ross – “Purple Lamborghini” Featured in “Suicide Squad” movie & official soundtrack iTunes: http://smarturl.it/purplelambo Spotify: http://smarturl.it/streampurplelambo http://purplelambo.com Directed by: Colin Tilley Produced by: Andrew Lerios and Skrillex Executive Producers: Luga Podesta, Brandon Bonfiglio Director of Photography: Rob Witt Edited by: Vinnie Hobbs and Skrillex Colorist: Ricky Gausis Featuring Jared Leto as The Joker Source of information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkqyIoYAXV8

VanDutch + Heineken Save your seat

VanDutch + Heineken Save your seat

VanDutch Joins as an Official Partner

Heineken’s “SAVE YOUR SEAT” Campaign to Rebuild Miami Marine Stadium Miami Marine Stadium was once among America’s most iconic destinations, hosting on-the-water performances from legendary acts like the Rolling Stones and The Beach Boys. The stadium is currently in disarray, despite enthusiasm for bringing it back to life – and now, Heineken and its partners are launching a unique campaign to help restore this crucial piece of Miami culture for generations to come. VanDutch, Heineken USA & partners like the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the City of Miami and Indiegogo, have launched a crowdfunding campaign that will propel the stadium’s restoration to its next phase. To raise campaign awareness for the Miami Marine Stadium project, VanDutch & Heineken hosted two days of on-the-water events with key retailers including Roma Cohen of Alchemist, Matthew Chevallard of Del Toro Shoes, Jaron Kanfer of UNKNWN, and restaurateur Angel Febres of Drunken Dragon. Guests were transported to the Marine Stadium via a Heineken wrapped VanDutch for a private tour of the stadium. Heineken is matching, dollar for dollar, the first $20,000 of support. Contributors can also text SaveYourSeat to 88500 to donate. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

“Cast Away” Miami Swim Week

“Cast Away” during Miami Swim Week 2016 featuring the VanDutch 55’

Miami Swim Week came and went, and VanDutch was proud to be showcased in “Cast Away” a storied production from Krave Studios.
“Check out our new short film “Cast Away” which was filmed throughout Swim Week 2016, in partnership with Newmark models and Influence.co, Thanks to our Sponsors: VanDutch Americas” Krave Studios, 2016
Verstappen third in German GP

Verstappen third in German GP

Verstappen third in German GP: “Happy to be on the podium”

Published on 31 July 2016 by Mike Motilall Max Verstappen finished the German Grand Prix beautifully in third place, giving him his fourth podium finish in his young Formula 1-career. The flawless Lewis Hamilton and team mate Ricciardo crossed the line before him. During the race, Max was battling with Nico Rosberg. The German got a 5-seconds time penalty for pushing Verstappen off track, resulting in him finishing in fourth. “It was a good race”, says Max during the podium interview, where he was loudly applauded by thousands of Dutch fans. “I had a good start and from there on we had a good pace. I was really enjoying it. Then we decided to split the strategies of Ricciardo and myself, so I let him pass. We worked well as a team together today and also managed to do the pit stops well. To have a double podium and more points than Ferrari, was absolutely the main focus today and that is what we achieved. I am happy to be on the podium again and it will be a warm welcome back home in the Netherlands”, Verstappen happily concludes. When Max, after his second stop, was overtaken by Rosberg, the Red Bull Racing-driver had to go off track in order to avoid a collision. “Rosberg came from quite a distance and braked very late. For a moment I thought that he was going to hit me, so I left some room. But he didn’t turn and just drove straight on. So I had to go off track to avoid a crash.” Asked about the many Dutch fans in Germany and the next race in Belgium, Max concludes by saying: “I think that there were more Dutch flags here than German ones, very nice to see. Spa-Francorchamps is great to drive at and hopefully our car will perform well there. At Hockenheim, we didn’t expect to be that competitive and at Spa it should normally be even better. So hopefully we’ll have a great weekend there just as we had here.” Many Dutch flags were to be seen at the Hockenheim race track, where the German Grand Prix got underway in dry conditions. Thousands of Dutch fans see Nico Rosberg get a poor start off the line and dropping back to fourth place. Max Verstappen on the other hand, has a rocket start and passes team mate Ricciardo from the outside in the first corner which puts him second. Palmer runs into Massa at the hairpin corner, but both are able to continue on. The rest of the field gets round the first lap unscathed. Rosberg is pushing Ricciardo but is unable to make a move stick. On lap nine, Max reports on the radio: “I am beginning to struggle with my rear tyres.” He manages to do a few more laps before he eventually pits to get some new super softs strapped on. A very fast pit stop in 2.2 seconds puts him seventh when he gets back on track. Team mate Ricciardo switches a lap later to the softs, just like Lewis Hamilton, meaning Verstappen and Rosberg are on a different tyre strategy. When all the drivers have done their stops, Max is second again. On lap nineteen, Max gets told by his team that Hamilton is doing the same lap times as he is. Max is some seven seconds astray from Hamilton and is another one-and-a-half seconds up on Ricciardo. Max reports, on lap 21, that he is not comfortable with the super softs tyres on his car. “This is definitely not the race tyre”, the Dutchman tells his team on the radio. However, Max is able to maintain the tempo and on lap 29 he comes in to switch to the soft compound tyre. Exiting the pits, Nico Rosberg is too close for comfort. With a bold overtake maneuver, he is able to pass the Dutchman, but in doing so he pushes the youngster off track. The incident gets scrutinized by the stewards of the race, who eventually slap Rosberg with a 5-seconds time penalty that he needs to take at his next pit stop. Rosberg then gets a move on to create a gap to Verstappen greater than five seconds. Ricciardo, on the faster super soft tyre, is pushing Verstappen and eventually overtakes him on lap 40. Max is able to keep up with the tempo quite reasonably but complains about understeer. On lap 45, Rosberg pits for his change of tyres and also takes his 5-seconds time penalty. A lap later, Max also pits for his final stop. He switches to the super softs and rejoins behind of team mate Ricciardo and well ahead of Rosberg, in third place. In the closing stages of the race, the order of the cars at the front remains the same. The dominant Lewis Hamilton scores his fifth victory. Ricciardo is second, Verstappen takes third and his fourth podium this season. The double podium is an excellent result for the Red Bull Racing-team that has now passed Ferrari in the constructor’s standings. Nico Rosberg, despite his penalty, finishes in fourth and ahead of the both Ferrari’s of Vettel and Raikkonen. Source of information: Verstappen.com http://www.verstappen.com/?locatie=bericht&id=2608&lang=en

VanDutch + Benetti LionHeart

VanDutch & Benetti 90 meter (280 feet) Mega Yacht LionHeart!

Editor Charl van Rooy Photos by Karl Borg Benetti’s largest yacht to date, the 90 metre superyacht Lionheart, has departed Italian waters this week and arrived at the island of Malta as her first port of call. It is believed that the yacht has been delivered to her owner and Lionheart now takes over the title from the 1980-built superyacht Kingdom 5KR (then Nabila) as the Italian shipyard’s largest yacht ever built. It seems Lionheart will be traveling with a private chase tender complete with its own custom graphics to match the yacht’s name. Superyacht photographer Karl Borg took these exclusive photos of the yacht today where she is currently moored in Malta’s Grand Harbour Marina. Lionheart is built for a repeat client, who took delivery of a 63 metre Benetti yacht by the same name in 2006, now known as Lioness V. Source of information: Super Yacht Times http://www.superyachttimes.com/yacht-news/benetti-delivers-90m-superyacht-lionheart/
Verstappen stuns with maiden win in Spain

Max Verstappen wins in Spain

Max Verstappen becomes youngest F1 winner in history at Spanish Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen became the youngest winner in Formula One history when he triumphed on his Red Bull debut in Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix. Verstappen had been branded a future world champion almost as soon as he entered the sport and no one doubts that now. When Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg crashed out of the race on the opening lap it seemed that certain that that would remain the talking point for the rest of the day. But in the absence of the Mercedes we had a proper car race. Verstappen, 18 years and 227 days old, also became the first Dutch winner as he pushed the Ferrari pair of Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastan Vettel into second and third place; Daniel Ricciardo suffered a puncture on the penultimate lap but still hobbled over the line in fourth. Vettel, who was the previous youngest driver after winning the Italian Grand Prix in 2008, said: “This is Max’s day. As a sportsman we must respect that. Verstappen only became a Red Bull driver this month. He was promoted to the team from Toro Rosso, replacing Daniil Kvyat, who had had an unhappy start to the season. He said afterwards: “It feels amazing. I can’t believe it. It was a great race. I have to say thank you to the team for giving me such a great car. “To win in the first race is such an amazing feeling. My dad helped me a lot to achieve this, this is amazing. I couldn’t believe I was leading the race. I held onto the tyres. We had the right strategy. It’s a very big surprise. I had quite a bit of pressure from Kimi but it is difficult to overtake here.” Verstappen led for the final 32 of the 66 laps. His two-stop strategy proved a winner but he finished just 0.6 seconds ahead of Raikkonen, who put him under sustained pressure. Raikkonen, who has now overtaken Hamilton in the championship, added: “The really scary thing is that I used to race against his father [Jos].” Source of information: The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/may/15/max-verstappen-youngest-winner-f1-history-spanish-gran-prix
VanDutch Charter

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VanDutch + Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes, amorous cruise

All aboard the love boat! Doutzen Kroes goes for an amorous cruise with husband Sunnery James and his wealthy friends

They have been married for just over five years. But Doutzen Kroes and husband Sunnery James acted like newlyweds as they went for a amorous cruise in Florida on Monday. The Victoria’s Secret model and her disc jockey other half looked in bliss as they relaxed on board the boat of his nightclub tycoon friend David Grutman. The couple were having a whale of a time as they spent some quality time together in the Atlantic coast city of Miami. Doutzen, 31, looked like she was having a great time with her electronic dance music star husband, save for a moment when she recoiled from his touch after he stroked her face without her approval. The professional clotheshorse was looking in typically fine form as she pranced around in a hooded top, blue T-shirt, casual pink skirt and flip-flops, though she took them off when she climbed aboard. Her man meanwhile was dressed in a laid back ensemble of green jacket, black T-shirt and shorts, and a white pair of trainers. He gave into temptation and added some bling to his ensemble by wearing a chunky golden necklace.   Source of Information: Dailymail.co.uk Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3503701/Doutzen-Kroes-goes-amorous-cruise-husband-Sunnery-James-wealthy-friends.html#ixzz43e6mvdYD  
VanDutch Hublot Time Piece

Perfect Fusion Hublot + VanDutch


In what may be Hublot’s most interesting partnership yet they have collaborated with iconic yacht manufacture VanDutch. The Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph “VanDutch” will be limited to 55 pieces. This number is significant because it matches the total length of the VanDutch 55. VanDutch obviously shares the same passion for creating the finest products available for their clients. The VanDutch Hublot features a sporty yet refined 45mm case in polished black ceramic. The bezel utilizes the same materials found on the deck of a VanDutch 55. (VanDutch 55 decks are covered with a teak composite, the Esthec, which gives the luxurious experience of the teak without the drawbacks of maintenance). This gives the watch a stunning contrast of a black ceramic case against a wood bezel. The watch face is skeletonized to showcase the self-winding chronograph movement. Each pieces comes with two interchangeable straps… one with the traditional Hublot rubber strap, perfect for diving into the ocean and one made to match the VanDutch 55 seats (black rubber with grey calf with grey stitching), perfect for a day cruising on the ocean. With this watch, Hublot has created a piece that transcends its partnership with VanDutch. While VanDutch 55 owners are sure to want a watch that matches their boat… this is a piece designed so successfully that it could appeal to anyone interested in watches (even if they are scared of the water). It is Watchmaking, Boating, Luxury and Design all perfectly married. When you buy a VanDutch, you instantly get a lot more friends. If you can’t afford one, Hublot is offering a free day on their “Big Bang” VanDutch in Miami to anyone who buys the watch. Source of Information: TOYS FOR BOYS View the Printed Version: http://toysforboysmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Toys-for-Boys-Issue6-Download-LR.pdf
VanDutch Hublot Classic Fusion

VanDutch Timepiece by Hublot

Miami, February 22, 2016 SHIPS AHOY! HUBLOT LAUNCHES CLASSIC FUSION AEROFUSION CHRONOGRAPH “VANDUTCH” IN MIAMI Swiss watch brand Hublot is proud to announce today a new partnership with iconic yacht manufacture VanDutch as the two luxury brands launch the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph “VanDutch” timepiece. Jean-Francois Sberro, Managing Director Hublot of America, and Rick de la Croix, President Hublot Latin America, hosted an intimate afternoon cocktail event at the River Yacht Club in Miami, FL, in partnership with Toys for Boys, and VanDutch CEO Anko Mast and Vice President Nicholas Cardoza. Guests, decked in nautical-inspired blue and white hues, were invited to celebrate the partnership and view the new timepieces on display, which will be available exclusively at the Hublot Galerie in the Miami Design District, Hublot Boutique Bal Harbour, and VanDutch. The Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph “VanDutch” is limited to 55 pieces, and its style reflects the sleek and modern design for which Van Dutch yachts have become known. Jean-Francois Sberro shared: “We are thrilled to celebrate our relationship with the iconic VanDutch yacht manufacture here in Miami, and to celebrate the Art of Fusion by joining together these two great brands. At Hublot, we strive to find partners who share a passion for creating the finest product offerings for our clients. And similar to Hublot, VanDutch is renowned for its luxurious and modern designs, as well as its advanced and innovative technology. We are excited to kick off this partnership as we fuse the worlds of watchmaking, boating, luxury and design.” The Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph “VanDutch” features a sporty yet refined 45mm case in polished black ceramic with a grey composite bezel. The piece is made with a self-winding skeleton chronograph movement, with the Van Dutch logo placed on the case-back. Each piece comes with two interchangeable straps – one with black rubber and grey calf with grey stitching and the second a black lined rubber strap, perfect for the ocean. View Photo Gallery of the Event.

Miami Boat Show - VanDutch Transportation

Boat Show VIP Shuttle Service

Miami Boat Show 2016 – Fisher Island announcement, February 9, 2016 VanDutch Boat Show VIP Shuttle Service We are pleased to be able to offer you a “VIP Shuttle Service” transportation system via VanDutch boats during the Miami International Boat Show taking place this weekend from Thursday, February 11 through Monday, February 15. Please see below for shuttle service times and refer to the map for pick-up and drop-off locations. The Fisher Island location will be at the Main Marina near the Marina Village II building (Membership Office). Members are invited to enjoy complimentary refreshments at the VanDutch Lounge at the River Yacht Club from Friday – Monday. [table caption=”” width=”620″ colwidth=”20|125|125″ colalign=”left|left|left”] Time,From,To 9:30am,Fisher Island,Yachts Miami Beach Collins Avenue 11am,Fisher Island,Miami International Boat Show Miami Marine Stadium 12pm (noon),Fisher Island,River Yacht Club (Fri – Mon) 1pm,River Yacht Club (Fri – Mon),Fisher Island 5pm,Fisher Island,River Yacht Club (Fri – Mon) 6pm,Yachts Miami Beach Collins Avenue,Fisher Island 7pm,Miami International Boat Show Miami Marine Stadium,Fisher Island via River Yacht Club [/table] To access a ride back to Fisher Island from any of the Boat Show locations outside of these scheduled times, please contact VanDutch Captain Steven Arwood at 407.758.0790. Miami Boat Show VanDutch Transportation
VanDutch Lounge & River Yacht Club

River Yacht Club & VanDutch Lounge

River Yacht Club & VanDutch Lounge Bring Further Gentrification of Miami River District By Laine Doss, miaminewtimes.com, Monday, January 11, 2016 Legendary comedian Groucho Marx famously quipped, “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member,” which is why he’d likely not want to belong to the River Yacht Club. The rest of Miami, however, might be interested in the new membership-driven culinary/lifestyle venue, set to open February 17 at 401 SW Third Ave. in the Miami River District. The luxury complex consists of a restaurant, outdoor garden, lounge, boat marina, and luxury yacht showroom (in case your annual bonus was exceptionally generous last year). Building a tony yacht club at this particular location might seem like a gamble at first glance. Right now, the neighborhood, home to José Martí Park, holds few delights for the upscale, jet-setting crowd the club seeks to entertain. But, like much of Miami, the area is quickly changing. In April 2015, developer Avra Jain purchased the Miami River Inn at 437 SW Second St. for $8.6 million. And the River Landing project, located at 1400 NW North River Dr., will house 475 luxury apartments, 2,200 parking spaces, retail shops, and restaurants. The expanded Miami River District’s website calls the area “Miami’s ultimate destination” and mentions Casablanca Fish Market and Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish Market as two of the neighborhood’s best places to visit. The River Yacht Club’s restaurant features indoor and outdoor dining areas decorated in a modern seafaring motif, catering more to modern-day pirates of industry than the Capt. Jack Sparrow type. The kitchen is helmed by executive chef Michael Lewis, who has worked at multiple locations of the upscale Zuma restaurant brand and several of Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s establishments. Once again, the sea plays heavily into the menu’s theme, with a concentration on seafood and sides with a Mediterranean slant. The crown jewel is the world’s first VanDutch Lounge, located on the facility’s rooftop terrace. Named for the über-expensive motor yachts that look like something a 1960s-era James Bond villain or oligarch on vacation would use to entertain guests, the 150-seat lounge will serve drinks with a view. If the sight of these seafaring vessels entices you to purchase one, there’s a VanDutch showroom right on the premises. The cost of one of these powerhouses: If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it, but used VanDutch models go for well over a million. Although the restaurant and lounge are open to the public, only River Yacht Club members can secure reservations. If you’re thinking, How in the world could I join a yacht club on my paltry salary? Don’t worry — you actually can, and you don’t even need a yacht to join. Base membership is about the same as your monthly auto-debit at the gym. The Ambassador membership costs a reasonable (for Miami) $120 per month. Although there are no yacht-docking privileges with this level, you get valet parking for your car, access to a members-only reservation line, and a personalized membership card — which is way more useful for scoring with Miami’s beautiful people than the LA Fitness card you have on your keychain. If you do have a yacht, you’ll probably be interested in the other membership options, such as the Captain ($2,400 per year), which allows for dockage of your smaller yacht (up to 80 feet), or the Commander, which offers the same benefits but locks you in for three months for $1,200 (in case you plan on summering in Nice). But don’t let the fact that you’ll probably never be able to afford more than an inflatable dinghy stop you from donning white pants and a navy jacket. Nothing says “Miami” more than belonging to a yacht club when you don’t own a boat.
The Miami Herald - VanDutch Style!

Relax, it’s VanDutch Style!

The Miami Herald – December, 23, 2015 VanDutch: The Luxury Yacht Brand Gone Viral Started in the Netherlands in 2008, VanDutch delivered their first yacht in 2009, and have now outsold almost every other brand in their class – this during one of the worst economic downturns in decades. The chic and super-exclusive brand is a favorite among celebrities and the wealthy elite in South Florida, Monaco, the Hamptons and the Caribbean. The brand’s unprecedented popularity has led VanDutch to anticipate the market and begin building boats in the backyard of its soon-to-be biggest market, the USA. The company plans to unveil several exciting new models in 2016. From Boutique to Luxury Chic VanDutch has since expanded into different regions and even different industries. Opening in 2016, the VanDutch Lounge at the River Yacht Club, an exclusive waterfront dining oasis on the Miami River, promises to be the next ultimate chill-out hotspot and yachtsman’s clubhouse. Situated in the heart of Miami and boasting 1,000 linear feet of dockage, VanDutch Lounge will allow members to conveniently tie up next to their dining table, relax and enjoy the good life. Innovation on the Horizon Creative innovator Walt Disney once responded to an employee who asked him why he was kneeling on the ground, and he responded, “I am looking at my product through my customer’s eyes.” The team at VanDutch understands that virtually everyone likes boating, but not everyone knows where to go or what to do. As a result, the company is developing exciting boating destinations for its customers. Soon, VanDutch owners will have more options than ever on Miami’s waterways, to better enjoy yachting with friends and family. They’ll be able to hop on the boat with a luxury destination in mind, which adds another dimension to the fun of cruising South Florida waters. Partners around the Globe VanDutch has partnered with superstar brands such as the fine Swiss watch maker, Hublot. Keep your eye out for the all-new and exclusive VanDutch Edition Hublot Classic Fusion watch, made using the very same materials from which the luxury yacht manufacturer forges its high-end boats. The Miami Herald – December, 23, 2015

Miami Spec Home with Warhol and Yacht Asks $43 Million

The Wall Street Journal

A Miami-area spec home asking $43 million comes with its own vintage Jaguar, yacht and an Andy Warhol silk screen. In Bal Harbour, Fla., the newly completed, waterfront home has seven bedrooms plus staff quarters in its roughly 13,800 square feet. Its amenities include a bay-front infinity pool, a private dock and a roof deck with a Jacuzzi and a fire pit, said Oren Alexander of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, who is listing the property with his brother Tal. In addition, the home comes fully furnished, he said, with Andy Warhol’s “Unknown Woman” hanging on one wall. A 1948 Jaguar XK120 sits in the garage, and the 55-foot VanDutch yacht is docked outside. Click Here and read the entire news.

Car Toy Rally for Toys

On Saturday, December 5, 2015, the South Florida Exotic Car Toy Rally, benefitting Toys for Tots, celebrates its 10 year anniversary. This rally will be taking to the streets as one of the largest processions of exotic cars and one of the most anticipated exotic car events in the country. Hundreds of exotic cars will be driven from the beautiful Diplomat Golf and Tennis Club, up to the amazing Goodyear Airship Base, home of the Goodyear Blimp. To say this will be an amazing sight is an understatement – a caravan of exotic cars stretching over 5 miles long, all driven by their owners to benefit underprivileged children. It will be incredible to see, but even more incredible is the positive impact and difference the Toy Rally makes for the children as a charity event. Last year, the 2014 Toy Rally broke some amazing records, with over $50 million in exotic cars and record attendance. The most important records were the insanely huge mountain of toys – over 21,400 toys. To move them all, they required moving trucks for the United States Marine Corps to collect them all. That also collected $32,000 in cash, which was all donated to Toys for Tots. This equated to a lot of smiles on the faces of kids, and a positive impact on their holidays. This year, the Toy Rally intends to pull off the same, if not bigger numbers.
Alessandra Ambrosio Maxim's Cover Girl

Alessandra Ambrosio Maxim’s Cover

Alessandra Ambrosio Is Maxim‘s December Cover Girl

We caught up with the Victoria’s Secret supermodel, fashion icon, and businesswoman in Monte Carlo. The HOT Alessandra Ambrosio pictures for the Maxim cover… Now SEE behind the scenes from one of the sexiest cover shoots of 2015…

VanDutch Forbes

Forbes VanDutch Article

Forbes.com Inc., a leading Internet media company, is among the most trusted resources for the world’s business and investment leaders wrote about VanDutch and Privé Porter, here you can read part of the article:
If you’re eyeing for a Birkin bag but don’t want to spend several years on Hermès’ waiting list, here’s a chance to buy one (or thirty) at the world’s first pop-up yacht during the 56th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show on November 6 to 8. Taking advantage of the “astronomical wealth of the mega yacht community during boat show week,” said Jeff Berk, Founder of Privé Porter in a press release; VanDutch, maker of the world’s most luxurious yachts, and Privé Porter, the Instagram-based curators and purveyors of authentic and uncarried Birkin bags, team up in this decadent collaboration. Together, the luxurious duo presents a collection of 30 to 35 calfskin, crocodile, and alligator skin Birkin bags over an assortment of 25cm, 30cm, and 35cm sizes, which will be encased in a custom, jewel-like, multi-tiered display custom fitted to the VanDutch 55 pleasure yacht.
Read the entire article, click here. VanDutch Forbes
Haute Living Davit Guetta

The coolest customers on the water

The coolest customers on the water- By Hadley Henriette IT’S NOT SURPRISING THAT A VANDUTCH 55 APPEARS IN THE opening scene of the new Entourage movie. The high-performance, sleek and sexy motor yachts are the ultimate cool-guy toys. Established in the Netherlands in 2008, they’re also the new kid on the block. That means that if you act fast, you won’t see yourself coming and going on the waterway. Models range from 30-feet up to 75, and keep in mind what’s important for their intended audience. Expect high-quality materials, spacious lounges and sunbathing decks, easy maneuverability and cutting-edge design replete with LED lights in all the right places. This fall they’re set to introduce the E Series, a low-emission line using the same technology as the Formula E. We dare say Vince—or rather, Adrien Grenier—would approve. Contact your nearest VanDutch Center for Prices.
It’s no wonder why the Port of Miami is known as the Cruise Capital of the World.

VanDutch Port Guide Miami

It’s no wonder why the Port of Miami is known as the Cruise Capital of the World. A staggering four million passengers come and go through the port, which is also home to some of the largest cruise companies on the planet. And with so much going on in the Magic City all year round, it’s helpful to have a local guide to make sure you hit all the hotspots. Of course, South Beach is probably at the top of your list. To get to SoBe, follow the MacArthur Causeway from the mainland to Miami Beach’s southern tip. Wave hello to the port on the righthand side and get ready to indulge in a little sand, sun and entertainment. Take a stroll down Ocean Drive, where you’ll find a collection of Art Deco buildings, bikini-clad beachgoers and lovely alfresco cafés like Gloria Estefan’s Cuban eatery and Lario’s on the Beach. Alternatively, head over to Lincoln Road, a pedestrian-friendly street lined with shops and boutiques that’s not only a great place to people watch, but also the perfect place to mingle with the locals. Check out Yardbird Southern Table & Bar for a taste of American Southern fare, or Khong River House for fiery curries and delicious Asian noodle dishes. If you’re looking for a daytime soirée at a pool party for beautiful people, then head to The Standard, Hyde Beach at the SLS Hotel, The Raleigh or the Delano Hotel. And of course, South Beach is famous for it’s nightlife, with an energy that hums from sunrise to sunset. Check out LIV at the Fontainebleau for a VIP club scene, or Story for a DJ-driven, high-energy dance party. For more of a trendy hipster scene, check out Radio Bar in SoFi or the Broken Shaker at Freehand Miami — both bars are known for their killer handcrafted cocktails. South Beach is the Grand Central Station for major events that take place throughout the year, including the Food Network’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Miami International Boat Show and the über cool Art Basel Miami Beach. Speaking of art, Miami has transformed into an international destination for artists and art lovers alike. Both the Miami Design District and Wynwood host gallery nights on the second Saturday of the month, with locals and visitors passing back and forth between the adjacent neighborhoods to explore the latest art trends. Exuding a tropical SoHo vibe, the Wynwood Arts District is home to more than 100 galleries and the Wynwood Walls, an outdoor collection of cutting-edge, graffiti-style, museum quality murals, created by some of the top contemporary artists in the world. Enjoy the colorful urban canvases while noshing on Miami-style cuisine at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. Explore the Design District, dotted with high-end fashion boutiques, home design stores, art and architecture firms — it’s a neighborhood brimming with creative experiences and new developments. Dine at Oak Tavern or Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink and take in the entire scene. These travel tips barely scratch the surface of everything Miami has to offer. Make sure you stop by in downtown Miami where Museum Park is under construction, and check out the gorgeous white-sand beaches and lighthouse on Key Biscayne, as well as the vibrant Latin culture in Little Havana. So kick back and stay awhile. Soak it all in. Or keep coming back for more. Article by Kara Franker, travel expert and lifestyle writer based in Miami. You can Download the entire VanDutch Port Guide.


Chava Duran finished 6 in Formula E

Mexican driver Salvador Duran finished sixth in Formula E. The Mexican Salvador Duran raced one of his best performances of the 2015 season of Formula E, securing a sixth place in the ninth round that was played at the street circuit of 2.39 kilometers in Moscow, Russia. Initially the pilot began with some brake problems during practice rounds, but his timing was above average so he received a rating of eleventh place; however, a penalty to Stéphane Sarrazin left Duran in tenth. At startup, Duran managed to go to the ninth fleetingly and then remained in tenth position for a while, until the seventh turn left him in ninth place. After his pit stop for the mandatory change of car, Duran maintained his position and even climbed to eighth place on lap 19. “At the height of lap 20 we reached seventh position and managed to stay there until the end. It was very good teamwork. We raced a very consistent race and ended up with more energy than anyone. So, I think we are on track, “said the VanDutch pilot. Later, official results showed three penalties, and one of them being for Sébastien Buemi, which allowed Duran climb one more place to move into sixth place.
Paris and Nicky Hilton VanDutch

The Hilton sisters on VanDutch 55

Paris Hilton says she will perform at sister Nicky’s wedding at London’s Kensington Palace next month. Paris told guests at Nicky’s bachelorette party in Miami Beach that she plans to DJ and may even sing at her sister’s posh nuptials to banking heir James Rothschild on July 10. Guests expected include the cream of London society as well as Hilton family friends from LA and New York. On Saturday, Nicky, Paris and their group of friends continued the bachelorette celebrations at Wall Miami. They arrived wearing sashes, a crown for Nicky and bright pink cat ears for Paris. The group held blow-up glow sticks that said “Hilton Bridesmaids,” and an oversized bright pink cake in the shape of an engagement ring box arrived, before processions of bottles of Belvedere vodka and Champagne. Paris took to the DJ booth at 1 a.m. and played her new single “High Off My Love,” and was joined in the booth by the bride-to-be and the bachelorette group, which included longtime friend Allison Melnick and cousin Brooke Brinson Wiederhorn. The Hilton sisters and their bridesmaids spent the weekend at 1 Hotel South Beach and had earlier spent the day on Saturday traveling by boat on a custom 55-foot Van Dutch yacht to enjoy lunch at Seaspice on the Miami River. Older sister Paris, 34, also posted several snapshots from the weekend with the tags, “#BridesMaids #NickysBachelorette #MrsRothschild.” Source of information: Pagesix.com. By Emily Smith.
Salvador Duran VanDutch Driver

The happiest Mexican in Formula E

Published on 22 May 2015 by EprixNews Today, EPRIX NEWS will interview Salvador Durán, a Mexican driver that currently races in the FIA Formula E Championship for the Amlin Aguri team. First of all, we wanna thank you for your willingness to attend us and do this interview. EPRIX NEWS: Salvador Durán, some Brazilians don’t know you well. Could you resume you career in the world of motor sport? SALVADOR DURÁN: I would say the highlights are my Championship in British F3 National Class, A1GP Series with several podiums and two victories from pole at Laguna Seca (USA). Also I won the Rolex 24 at Daytona in 2007, in addition of several wins and podiums in the World Series Formula Renault 3.0. EN: How Formula E appeared in your life? SD: It appeared as an opportunity from Team Amlin Aguri when they called me and asked me if I was still interested on keep racing. There was an opportunity to do some races, in which we participated. Then they liked my work and I stayed for a few more races and now we are about to finish the season together. EN: How has been your relationship with Aguri Suzuki Team? Do you think that your team has a competitive car and structure to win a Formula E championship? SD: My relationship with my team is good. I think the team is very competitive. I think we have a little handicap because the drivers line-up has changed a lot. However, I think we are competitive for the work we’ve done. This year we cannot win the championship due to the points available. Even if we win with my team mate all the races and the other driver finishes second. It’s very unlikely to happen. Nevertheless, I believe we have a competitive team. We are one step behind in comparison with some teams, again, due to all the driver changes. EN: What is the relation of Mexicans with motor sports, especially Formula E? SD: Motorsports in Mexico needs more development. We have to open more the Mexicans’ mind in terms of car racing. Lately, they have been more involved with the NASCAR culture and now with Sergio Pérez and Esteban Gutiérrez in Formula 1, I think the motor sport culture is changing in Mexico. I think we need to help to spread more what is Formula E. EN: Nick Heidfeld has recently announced that he will priorize Formula E in the next season. Would you consider do anything like that? SD: Definitely Formula E is my priority. Having no other series in mind at the moment. EN: We hear some people here in Brazil criticizing the large batteries and its weight in the cars because it makes them move in a very slow speed. Other criticizes the non-existence of different tires. What is your opinion about the entrance of eight manufacturers in the Formula E’s next season? Would it be a FIA’s tentative of reducing the aforementioned criticals? Don’t you think that a great evolution is required in order to improve the cars and championship? SD: I believe what Formula E is achieving is historic and even that currently the batteries are not the best available, in a near future they are going to be more developed. That’s all about innovation. Regarding the manufacturers, I think after the first year having more than eight interested manufacturers, it’s because the Series is doing the things well. The growth of the series is going up. I think this is just a matter of time, for the first year, the debut year, it’s very good what it’s achieved. Therefore, the series needs more time to be developed. EN: FOX SPORTS BRAZIL broadcasts Formula E here in our country. We are creating Eprix NEWS (on facebook, twitter and website) in order to help the spreading this new category here. In our opinion, Lucas di Grassi, Nelson Piquet Jr. and Bruno Senna are a very important part of this process. What is your opinion about that? Formula E is a totally different kind of racing and is showing us a new brand concept. Do you think Formula E will reach success and fans all over the world? SD: No doubt, this kind of web pages and social networks are helping us to grow. Regarding the Brazilian drivers, I think all three of them are great drivers who could or should be in Formula One. In fact, they’ve been already there and they should be there now. Happily for our series, they are in Formula E. I believe they represent well their country. I believe that spreading this type of series, always will be good in all aspects and already is enjoying success everywhere it goes. Everyday our fan base is growing. Salvador DURÁN, EPRIX NEWS appreciate your willingness to grant us this interview. We wish you every possible success in your career. Source of Information Eprix News

Fisher Island Magazine, May 2015

Luxurious Life at Sea

VanDutch was featured in Fisher Island Magazine. The four-page article features images of VanDutch yachts on the water and gives a background on the luxury yachts, including quotes from Fisher Island Club Members.  
Max Verstappen VanDutch

“Free” Friday in Monaco

Published on 22 May 2015 by Niels Hendrix Today was a “day off” for the Formula 1 circus in Monaco, but not for the Scuderia Toro Rosso drivers. Because the tradition of heading to the beach or having a leisurely day no longer has a role in the modern world of Grand Prix racing. Even Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz were busy and how appropriate that, on the day after the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association put out a statement that drivers must do more for the fans, Max and Carlos had a packed schedule. It started when they joined Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo to give media a thrill, giving them passenger rides, lapping round the famous street circuit in a Renault RS01 and two Clio RS Trophy cars. Once that was over, it was a quick dash back to the pit lane to sign autographs for the fans. From there they headed up the hill out of the track to the Place d’Armes, well known for its market and restaurants, but today transformed into the MGP Live Stage, a forum for spectators but crucially, even open to those who have not got tickets for the race. The two Toro Rosso boys got a fantastic reception and really entered into the spirit of the event, chatting with fans for a long time and posing for the obligatory selfies. It wasn’t all fun and games, as Max and Carlos also had to fit in two meetings with their engineers, making the most of the extra day to plan the fine detail for the rest of the weekend. It all starts again on Saturday, with the final hour of free practice at 11 o’clock. Source of information verstappen.nl

Entourage Movie + VanDutch

The Countdown to the Entourage Movie has begun! Only a few weeks until it hits Movie Theaters Worldwide. We have been excited to see the movie because our VanDutch Yachts makes a cameo or two within the full feature length film. For the one’s that live under a rock, Entourage is a television series that premiered on HBO on July 18, 2004 and concluded on September 11, 2011, after eight seasons. The series was created and chronicles the acting career of Vincent Chase, a young A-list Movie Star, and his childhood friends from NYC as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of LA. It was a HIT.  

Rally Maya 2015

Rally Maya 2015

The second edition of Rally Maya México A.C. was created by Lic. Benjamin de la Peña Mora and supported by the organizers of the Carrera Panamericana (Pan Am Race) in coordination with the Federal Government and the states of Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatan. It is one of the most important events of historical cars on both a national and an international level. The start of a new phase with the agreement between the Federación Mexicana de Automóviles Antiguos y de colección A.C. (the Mexican Federation of Antique Cars & Collectibles A.C.), the International Federation of Antique Cars, Comisión Nacional de Rallies México A.C., Organización Mexicana del Deporte Automovilistico Internacional, Federación Mexicana de Automoviles Deportivos A.C, the Antique Car Museum of Southeast Mexico and the Icongraphic Museum of the Pan Am Race, to enhance the cult of historic car racing in a hospitable friendly setting in Southeastern Mexico. This momentous event in the Yucatan peninsula will contribute financially especially to the isolated Mayan communities in this part of Mexico, with training to learn some kind of trade being the most important benefit.

  This competition is NOT ABOUT SPEED. The only requisite for cars to participate is that they must be more than 45 years old, distinguishing various categories (1915-1930 / 1931-1945 / 1946-1960 / 1961- 1975) of antiquity solely for the purpose of classification. This is a regularity rally where distance is covered at set average speeds. There are different systems and variations, but here we’ll be talking about a rally at SET AVERAGE SPEED ON OPEN HIGHWAYS, also known as a CLASSIC REGULARITY RALLY. An event like this usually has several regularity or timed sections where the object is to maintain the designated average speed, with the segments linked to each other by the so-called connection sections where there is no timekeeping but there may be time controls or passage controls. SET AVERAGE SPEED means that during the timed segment and for as long as possible, we must try to maintain that speed. It is important to understand this concept since it is the basic essence of this kind of rally. CONTROL OF AVERAGE SPEED BY THE PARTICIPANT: the regularity section begins at a point designated by the organizer, usually (and this is how it will be in this event), by a system of starting at the hour, minute and second determined from the rally route card, meaning that no one from the organization controls our departure. From that moment on, we have to reach the average speed and maintain it for the entire section. Theoretically the system is simple, since it’s just applying a simple formula of: space/time and using that result as the basis for adjusting our speed; but in practice, it gets complicated and that adjustment or approximation of average speed can be controlled in two ways: 1.- By the traditional method of speed tables and stopwatches. 2.- Using a device called a “pyramid”. 1.- There are several systems of tables + timers, but usually, before the rally starts, we prepare a series of tables or lists (spreadsheets) with the various average speeds that will be used in the event (the organizer will list these in the rules or an attachment) as well as, for example, we will have a table for an average speed of 35, another for 40, another for 45 or for 49.9 km/h. These tables have two columns: one with distance in segments of 100, 200, 300 or 500 meters (according to the preference of the participant) and the other with the corresponding times for the average speed indicated. In this way we can check on how much time ideally we should take to travel the distances in the table. This means that we need to have a good trip meter and a good timer; the first calibrated the same as the one the organizer has, and the second synchronized with their watch. Once the timed segment has been started, our trip meter will indicate the distance covered and the co-driver will be using the timer to note the time from departure, as well as telling the driver if there is a discrepancy with the real time indicated in the table so that the driver can increase or decrease the car’s speed. When the time in the table and the timer coincide, the co-driver will then say “on average”. When passing a secret control point, any speed higher or lower than the average results in penalty points. 2.- Using the “pyramid”: it is a device that indicates the theoretical or ideal distance that we should have travelled at the programmed set average speed. This way the co-driver doesn’t have to be playing with the timer and reading the speed tables; the co-driver only has to compare the car’s real distance trip meter with the theoretical or ideal indicated by the “pyramid”. In this case, the adjustment isn’t about time, but rather, distance in meters. This means that, the co-driver will be informing if they have travelled too many or too few meters and when they coincide, will say “on average”. Having explained this, we see that the elements we need are: 1.- RALLY TIME.- Rally time will be exhibited by the organization at the start of the event and we should synchronize the watch we have onboard with that time. It usually is the same as RNE. It is the official time by which starting times and checkpoints will be guided. Consequently it will be the reference for determining penalty points for being early or late at the passage controls (whether hidden or not) and the time controls. 2.- DISTANCE CALIBRATION.- Just as we synchronize the watch we’re using with the organization’s time, we have to do the same with the trip meter so that at equal distances, our trip meter registers the same measurement as theirs. To do this, the organizer will indicate a calibrated section on a basically straight road and tell us exactly how long that section is, both on the way out as well as the way back. We can then go to that section with our car and travel it at a constant speed in the right lane and if possible, parallel to the highway shoulder , that is, without any shortcuts. Our trip meter should match, in both directions, the distance indicated by the organizer. If this is not the case, we should apply the correction formulas included in the device’s instructions and do as many trial runs and corrections as needed until they do match (or almost match) the organizer’s measurements. 3.- RALLY ROUTE CARD.- The route card will be supplied by the organizer and will show the starting points for each one of the regularity sections and the time controls where our passage time should be noted. It will indicate the time we are supposed to start the rally and let us know the frequency at which each participant will start, whether that is every minute or every 30 seconds. Based on this and on our assigned number, we will have to calculate our starting time for each regularity section and the time we’ll pass by the time controls. 4.- ROAD BOOK.- It will be provided by the organizer and is the guide for the rally itinerary, the crossroads we should take, the start and the end of the regularity sections and average speeds. Through the use of bullets with symbols, keys and distances- both total and partial, we can orient ourselves to follow the route designated by the organizer. A guide for the symbols will be included in the book to aid in its interpretation. In the events where navigation is complex, punctually following the instructions in the Book and not getting lost implies getting a good position in qualification ranking since that becomes something more important than observing the set average speed. 5.-TEAM MAKE-UP.- A.- MATERIAL: or Vehicle: license plates & registration, current insurance against third parties, time measuring devices: stopwatch or trip meter devices (at a minimum an Odometer, the one in the car is not recommended). And a certain ability to assemble it, or…. Terra Trip or Retro trip (more specific). The probe should be installed in a wheel that is not for either traction or thrust. or Control of Average speed tables or ….. “pyramid” or number. The organizer will provide a number that must be attached to each side of the car for identification or advertising (as a way of lowering expenses, the organizer makes agreements with sponsors for their advertising to be in all rally events). B.- DRIVER – his/her main duty is to obey the co-driver. He/she shall drive observing traffic regulations, within his/her lane, not changing the routing by shortcuts since the distance covered will not coincide with the distance measured by the organizer; he/she shall try to follow a line parallel to the center or the shoulder of the highway, without letting the car slide or skid, especially the wheel that has the distance measuring probe. He/she is the “man” (“woman”) of the rally and the one that receives the honors if a high qualification is received; even though he/she will take care of the mechanical matters in order to reach the end of the event and if they do not have any assistants, will order the co-driver to perform fluid level checks and maintenance repairs. C.- CO-DRIVER.- is the human computer of the team; definitely the essential element. Has THREE basic duties: a) In charge of navigation following the road book; b) controls times of starting and passing by time controls; and c) controls average speed indicating pertinent information to the driver. Has to check the car’s fluid levels and maintenance repairs and ensure the wellbeing of the driver by assisting him/her in anything needed or desired (except for alcoholic beverages). Shall assume exclusive responsibility for incorrect results in classification whether due to navigation, average speed penalty points or any other cause; and in all cases, shall exonerate the driver from all responsibility.

Martin Garrix & Tiësto

“THE ONLY WAY IS UP” Tiesto ft Martin Garrix & VanDutch Yachts Tiësto and Martin Garrix launch their newest video featuring VanDutch Yachts.

Duran still on top in #FanBoost

Amlin Aguri + VanDutch Mexican driver Salvador Duran still leads the way in #FanBoost with a few days to go until the Monaco ePrix. If the positions stay as they are, it will be the third time the Mexican driver has received the five-second power boost. Jean-Eric Vergne is currently in second, and the Andretti driver is set for his fifth power boost. Nextev Tcr Nelson Piquet is in third, he was the Long Beach winner. However, with few days to go, everything could change, so please keep voting for our VanDutch Driver Salvador Duran. Vote now for Salvador Duran: www.fiaformulae.com/fanboost  

Top 10 Reasons to get a VanDutch

Top 10 Reasons to get a VanDutch

1.- VanDutch is an Award Winning Yacht In 2013, the VanDutch 55 received the prominent “Best Design Up to 24 Meters”- A clear evidence that the innovative design of our yachts has impressed the yachting industry beyond our own expectations.

VanDutch is an award winning yacht

2.- VanDutch and its advanced navigation system. Our high tech navigation system and engine monitoring systems deliver an uncompromising system with multiple functions. It is easy to use, and is ready to go on any trip you may embark on, as it is a standard feature on each and every one of our yachts. 02-navigation-system3.- Different sizes, same quality. All of our yachts, no matter what their size may be, are designed and built with the utmost quality, you will never compromise VanDutch features for size.


4.- Celebrities and Movie Stars themselves use our yachts more, and more. It is an every day reality that VanDutch yachts are getting recognized more and more by the public eye.  World-renowned artists and celebrities alike are buying and chartering our yachts. In fact, VanDutch will make its big debut on the big screen when it appears on the Entourage Movie and recently Tiësto and Martin Garrix newest video featuring VanDutch Yachts. “The only was is up”. 5.- Luxury and Technology go hand in hand The minimalist design generates a unique sense of luxury in our yachts, and this in turn completes the perfect package with state of the art technology that only VanDutch can deliver.
6.- Ample space to entertain and enjoy Most yachts are traditionally built with more interior space, VanDutch counts with the ultimate exterior functionality and design to allow for the most entertaining space onboard.
7.- The best deck you have ever stepped foot on VanDutch counts with Esthec Composite Decking to deliver the most comfortable and heat absorbent deck out in the yachting industry.  VanDutch offers a deck that is of high quality and long lasting durability, not to mention how easy it is to maintain.
8.- Much more space than you think Everyone who boards a VanDutch is always surprised at how much Exterior and Interior space our yachts offer.  You would never imagine all the amenities that we were able to accommodate in the exterior and interiors of our yachts.
9.- Excellent reputation due to our wholesome compromise to quality At VanDutch, we believe that the happiness and satisfaction of our clients really speaks about who we are and we stand for. Our standard of quality is known and recognized internationally, we believe our clients are the best presentation of our work.
10.- You can purchase a VanDutch in virtually any part of the world. We count with VanDutch Centers in North America, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Europe, and Oceania. We hope we are as close to your boating destination as possible, so please, click here so we may better serve you in the style you deserve to be served.
VanDutch + Salvador Duran

Win an iPad with VanDutch

You can win an iPad or a VanDutch hat signed by Salvador Duran! Here’s how: 1. Vote for Salvador Duran on Facebook. 2. Vote yourself and invite your friends to vote for him. The person who votes and invites more friends to vote for Salvador Duran will win! You can win an iPad or a VanDutch hat signed by Salvador Duran! What is FanBoost? The three drivers with the most votes will each receive one five-second ‘power boost’ per car, temporarily increasing their car’s power from 150kw (202.5bhp) to 180kw (243bhp). Here you can vote for Salvador Duran and help him with an extra speed boost for his car during the race. All you need to do is invite your friends and vote for him so he can stay among the top 3 on FanBoost.  
  About Formula E Formula E is a new FIA single-seater championship and the world’s first fully-electric racing series. The inaugural season kick-started in Beijing in September 2014 and runs until June 2015, competing in 10 of the world’s leading cities including Miami, Berlin and London. A total of 10 teams, each with two drivers, race on temporary city-centre circuits creating a unique and exciting series designed to appeal to a new generation of motorsport fans. Formula E also aims to represent a vision for the future of the motor industry, serving as a framework for R&D around the electric vehicle, accelerating general interest in these cars and promoting clean energy and sustainability. From season two, Formula E will operate as an ‘open championship’, allowing teams and manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their own electrical energy innovations. Working to the technical specifications set out by the FIA, teams will focus their efforts on improving and developing powertrains and battery technology, with the aim of this filtering into the everyday electric vehicle market. The championship centres around three core values of Energy, Environment and Entertainment and is a fusion of engineering, technology, sport, science, design, music and entertainment – all combining to drive the change towards an electric future. fanboost salvador duran
David Grutman

VanDutch Upgrades

February 1, 2015 It is always an honor to sell any VanDutch customer his or her own dream VanDutch, but it is even a bigger privilege to sell a new VanDutch to a previous VanDutch Owner. At VanDutch, we are passionate about our clients, and we are passionate about delivering our wholesome promise of unrivaled design, exclusivity and luxury. The difference between VanDutch and other yachting brands is that we don’t just offer you a luxury yacht; we also offer you a lifestyle. We have had incredible response from our VanDutch owners this month; in fact, we are celebrating three different VanDutch Upgrades. From the 30 to the 40, and from the 40 to the 55 our owners know when it’s the perfect time for a VanDutch step-up! One of these upgrades came from the head of the Miami Marketing Group, David Grutman. In case you did not know, Grutman is the self-made megaclub owner of Miami’s most popular Nightclub, LIV. The Ibiza-style two-story venue located in the glamorous Fountainebleau Hotel attracts millions upon millions of EDM lovers and VIP stars every year. His favorite VanDutch model started out as the VanDutch 40, but he quickly realized it was time for the next level. The new VanDutch 55 SS GROOT is now racing the open coastal waters of the Miami Beach area. He made sure to make a statement when he ordered the all black VanDutch with bright, Hermes Orange upholstery. Big-name DJ’s like Tiësto have already tried out the new SS GROOT, and we can’t wait for the rest of the world to discover his new VanDutch 55 as well! Other loyal VanDutch owners we are celebrating this month are Andy DeFrancesco, the Chairman and CEO of Delavaco Capital, and Harvey Hernandez, Chairman and Managing Director of Newgard Development Group. Andy DeFrancesco made the right move when he decided to turn in his VanDutch 30 for a bigger, and better VanDutch 40. His new VanDutch 40 features all white, chic upholstery with a bright Bentley Blue hull. Harvey Hernandez made the decision to transition from his VanDutch 40 to a stunning VanDutch55. We hope to continue catering to our owners in the special, unique way they deserve to be treated. We want to keep raising the standards- and most importantly, show the world our vision of a VanDutch Lifestyle.  

Da Costa wins spectacular Buenos Aires ePrix

VanDutch & Amlin Aguri win the Buenos Aires ePrix

Da Costa wins spectacular Buenos Aires ePrix

Antonio Felix da Costa clinched victory in an action-packed Buenos Aires ePrix ahead of e.dams-Renault’s Nicolas Prost and China Racing’s Nelson Piquet Jr.

The Amlin Aguri / VanDutch driver kept clear of trouble and slowly made his way into the lead as his rivals fell by the wayside. Both polesitter Sebastien Buemi and championship leader Lucas di Grassi retired with suspension failures at the fast Turn 8 and 9 chicane.

Venturi’s Nick Heidfeld looked favourite to win in the closing stages but a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pitlane scuppered his chances.

Da Costa, who missed the opening round in Beijing, progressed up the field from eighth on the grid to collect the full 25 points.

Prost managed to steer clear of the battle between Daniel Abt and Jaime Alguersuari in the closing stages, an over-optimistic move by the Audi Sport ABT driver sent the Spaniard into a spin. Abt was out on the spot, but Alguersuari managed to limp his car home in fourth.

Piquet picked up his second consecutive podium despite being held behind the red light and losing a lap in the pitlane during the safety car period.

The Qualcomm Safety Car was deployed after Mahindra Racing’s Karun Chandhok also fell victim to broken rear suspension at the Turn 8 and 9 chicane. Piquet wasn’t the only driver to be effected by the confusion as a number of drivers had to pass the safety car to unlap themselves.

Virgin Racing’s Sam Bird was part of the lead group but he picked up a drive-through penalty for ignoring the pit exit lights.

Bruno Senna, who was one of the FanBoost winners, finished fifth ahead of a feisty Jean-Eric Vergne who damaged his nosecone in the fight for the final podium spot.

Da Costa’s team-mate Salvador Duran clinched four points in eighth ahead of Heidfeld in ninth. Dragon Racing’s Oriol Servia rounded out the top-10 positions while Formula E debutant Marco Andretti came home in 13th place.

Before the race all the drivers, teams and the Formula E Championship together with the City of Buenos Aires, Argentinean authorities and the FIA President Jean Todt gathered on the grid for a minute silence to pay respect to the victims of the dramatic terrorist attack which happened in Paris earlier this week.

The race attracted a sell-out crowd of around 20,000 who also witnessed the first round of the Formula E School Series, which was won by Lucas Gambante representing the Antonio Bermejo school.

FIA Formula E Championship – Buenos Aires ePrix (Rd 4) – Race results:

1. Antonio Felix da Costa, Amlin Aguri, 48:52.100 2. Nicolas Prost, e.dams-Renault, +5.354s 3. Nelson Piquet Jr, China Racing, +8.552s 4. Jaime Alguersuari, Virgin Racing, +11.148s 5. Bruno Senna, Mahindra Racing, +11.535s 6. Jean-Eric Vergne, Andretti, +13.319s 7. Sam Bird, Virgin Racing, +13.617s 8. Salvador Duran, Amlin Aguri, +14.724s 9. Nick Heidfeld, Venturi, +15.464s 10. Oriol Servia, Dragon Racing, +19.334s 11. Stephane Sarrazin, Venturi, +28.973s 12. Ho-Pin Tung, China Racing, +37.858s 13. Marco Andretti, Andretti,+1 lap 14. Daniel Abt, Audi Sport ABT, +2 laps 15. Jerome d’Ambrosio, Dragon Racing, +2 laps 16. Jarno Trulli, Trulli, DNF 17. Lucas di Grassi, Audi Sport ABT, DNF 18. Sebastien Buemi, e.dams-Renault, DNF 19. Michela Cerruti, Trulli, DNF 20. Karun Chandhok, Mahindra Racing, DNF

Driver Standings (After Rd 4):

1. Lucas di Grassi – 58pts 2. Sam Bird – 48pts 3. Sebastien Buemi – 43pts 4. Nicolas Prost – 42pts 5. Nelson Piquet Jr – 37pts 6. Antonio Felix da Costa – 29pts 7. Jaime Alguersuari – 26pts 8. Jerome D’Ambrosio – 22pts 9. Franck Montagny – 18pts 10. Karun Chandhok – 18pts

Team Standings (After Rd 4):

1. e.dams-Renault Formula E – 85pts 2. Virgin Racing Formula E – 74pts 3. Audi Sport ABT Formula E– 62pts 4. Andretti Formula E – 41pts 5. China Racing Formula E – 37pts 6. Dragon Racing Formula E – 37pts 7. Mahindra Racing Formula E – 36pts 8. Amlin Aguri Formula E – 35pts 9. Trulli Formula E – 12pts 10. Venturi Formula E – 5pts

Fashion Most Magazine

Fashion Most Magazine

Fashion Most Magazine, the Celebrity Fashion & Lifestyle Publication, features a stunning VanDutch 55 with Top Model Marla Weaver onboard. The prominent luxury lifestyle magazine, Fashion Most Magazine, hosted a photo shoot alongside the gorgeous hues of The Miami River. The sleek, sharp lines of the spacious VanDutch 55 accommodated the whole International crew of make-up artists, world-renowned photographer, and the rest of the VanDutch crew that made absolutely everything possible. The unmistakable VanDutch deck, the gorgeous chic, beige upholstery and the authentic South Florida sun painted the perfect picture for this unforgettable photo shoot! The issue is set to hit the stands on January 2015, so keep an eye out for this amazing VanDutch feature…. If you would like to take a closer look at this article make sure you click here for the full length Fashion Editorial photo shoot, you wont be disappointed!      
Salvador Duran | Formula E

VanDutch E Sponsor on Formula E

VanDutch E sponsor of Salvador Duran, the first Mexican on Formula-E VanDutch is committed to technology, efficiency and the future, that’s why we are working on new designs and materials and new approach to electric mobility, our current line is fossil based fuel powered, but we have been streamlined to extreme in order to save energy and chemical product normally used in cleaning and maintenance. We are already focusing on energy efficiency. For that reason VanDutch is sponsoring the driver Salvador Duran, the first Mexican pilot to race on the Formula E and doing this we are making history! Punta Del Este, Uruguay- December 13, 2014- Today, here in Uruguay, VanDutch driver Salvador Duran became the first Mexican racecar driver to ever compete in the Formula E, FIA’s new electric single-seater series, which consisted of a 20 turn, 2.8km (1.7 mi) street circuit layout. The street circuit is actually the third of the 10 races for the inaugural 2014/2015 season. The Punta del Este ePrix is the first of the two races that will take place alongside the South American continent. The true stars in Salvador’s debut were definitely the truly devoted fans that managed to achieve enough popularity in the Fan Boost for the Mexican driver. The Fan Boost- like the name implies, gives the viewers the opportunity to submit their vote (or votes) to the drivers competing in each race. So, whichever three drivers receive the most votes will get an increase in power for their vehicles! In an exclusive interview with VanDutch, Salvador Duran shared: “ I am very pleased to have received such amazing support from my fans and VanDutch through the Fan Boost. My supporters have always been a huge part of my career, and now more than ever, I am extremely thankful for them, since I did not expect this type of positive reaction. I knew that in one the races Bruno Senna received more than one million votes, so I did not imagine I would ever receive even the slightest of votes compared to his- but my supporters have demonstrated a great deal of encouragement and I thank them sincerely. I will never forget this.” reassured the racecar driver from the Amlin Aguri Formula-E team. In true Formula E tradition, the event was held in one single day, which included practices, the race, and score tabulation. Even though it was Duran’s first time ever racing in the electric car, he still managed to score high enough to establish his reputation as one of the most talented racecar drivers in the circuit. Punta del Este, Uruguay was an amazing and exciting experience and we will assist in the next races, Buenos Aires, January 8 and Miami, March 14, 2015, in fact our VanDutch Center Ft. Lauderdale is waiting for the arrival of Super Aguri and Formula-E for the Miami Race, we are ready! We will keep informing more electrifying news!

Casual GoCycle G2

GoCycle G2

VanDutch is very excited to introduce to you a brand new product line. The revolutionary, award-winning:

Gocycle G2.

The Gocycle G2 is the ultimate high-tech, electric two-wheeler. The bike features incredible electric capabilities and is the first of its kind to operate through Bluetooth connectivity to offer the most unique ride possible. The Bluetooth connectivity enables the bike and your smartphone Gocycle App to create the perfect connection so you can literally control every aspect of your ride: whether you would like to go up to 25 MPH and ride it fully electric, or ride it at your own pace and go up to 40 miles without charge, you can! Designed by the renowned, former McLaren engineer, Richard Thorpe, the cutting-edge Gocycle G2’s motor allows for smooth, fast, emission-free rides, and the lightweight Lithium battery allows for quick charges to keep you on the go! The integrated dashboard display on the handlebar includes the speed indicator, battery level, and also permits you to be able to shift between gear to gear. Gocycle G2, which delivers a seamless, minimalist design like the VanDutch Yachts, is free of cables and chains. Frame color options include rich black, sleek white and gunmetal grey; the interchangeable PitstopWheels come in black, including limited edition brilliant matte finishes. We are proud to announce that you will now be able to test drive and purchase your very own Gocycle G2 through our VanDutch Center Fort Lauderdale! If you are not in the area, please give us a call at (954)900-5195 or email us at [email protected] to arrange how we may better serve your Gocycle needs outside of the South Florida area. Are you an electric bike lover? Then what are you waiting for!
An amazing VanDutch deck by Esthec

An amazing VanDutch deck by Esthec

An amazing composite deck by Esthec. Within all of the outstanding engineering that is behind every VanDutch, there are also several other elements that must be taken into careful consideration, like the perfect balance of durability, design, low maintenance and most importantly cost. VanDutch has chosen the highly regarded Esthec to be the perfect partner to cover one of the most notorious, principal characteristics of our stunning yachts: the deck. Esthec is a sophisticated composite decking of admirable quality; it is available in several different colors and textures that integrate very elegantly into the overall design of a VanDutch. The authentic collaboration between VanDutch and Esthec offers numerous technical advantages:
  • Authentic durability, nonslip, lightweight
  • Extremely resistant and low maintenance
  • Ecological product- it contains no PVC, recyclable
No more preoccupations with the maintenance of the deck of your yacht The Esthec deck can be cleaned very easily. Minimal effort is required- you may clean it with a hard or soft brush – with a pressure hose or warm running water.  You may use various soaps and cleaners, although Esthec Green Cleaner is highly recommended for the best results and protection of the deck. Additionally, on top of all of the technical advantages that Esthec decking offers the VanDutch range, the most important aspect has been the distinguished style and elegant design that it integrates into all of the VanDutch Yachts. Esthec also offers the option of several different joint color options. Making the possibilities to add your personal touch to the overall look & feel of the VanDutch of your dreams nearly endless. It is an absolute pleasure to walk on this gorgeous deck One of the major benefits of Esthec deck is its ability to maintain cooler temperatures than most products out in the market. The qualities and materials of the Esthec decking produce a product that does not heat up when exposed to the warmth of the sun- resulting in a cool, comfortable deck that you, your friends and family can all enjoy. Esthec Fact Sheet: Esthec Fact Sheet   Esthec is a patented, composite deck covering material that is produced in an ecologically sound manner. It is a revolutionary well-tested and proven system that has already been successfully installed and been awarded the rights to be the sole provider of composite decking for all VanDutch Yachts. Esthec can be supplied in sheets, in the form of custom-made sections but also as decks produced with the use of CNC techniques and as solid sections for details like toe rails, rubbing strips, gunwales and steps.
VanDutch and Jetsurf

VanDutch & JetSurf Photo shoot

The kick-off to the VanDutch Style Boat Show weekend was an absolute success! VanDutch Center Fort Lauderdale teamed up with Jetsurf & International Top Models to bring together luxury toys and beautiful talent. The ultra high-tech JetSurf is a motorized surfboard designed and manufactured by Formula1 engineers. With a sleek and modern design, this luxury toy was made for the VanDutch Lifestyle.  In fact, we are already building them with specific VanDutch designs. Weighing in at only 14kg, Jetsurf offers automatic control and maximum functionality with the highest level of quality. VanDutch Center Fort Lauderdale also had the pleasure of hosting a small-scale photo shoot for two International Top Models. They both shot with our stunning models: the VanDutch 55 and a VanDutch 40. Coming soon some previews of the new VanDutch Jetsurf designs and more Top Model Beauty on our Photo Gallery.

VanDutch Interiors

VanDutch Interiors

To speak about VanDutch internally from within our company, and accurately transmit every single one of the virtues of our Yachts is a challenge on its own. However, we have noticed that with the passing of time, the reality is that our Yachts speak for themselves, and we are very proud of our endeavors. We work arduously on each and every one of the components of our Yachts to develop the best aesthetic design to establish the highest of standards throughout the yachting industry. Our efforts have already been recognized by the World Yacht Trophies when we were awarded “ The Best Design up to 24 meters” for our VanDutch 55. To step foot into a VanDutch, is like stepping into a world of commodity and elegance! VanDutch interiors set the standards for maximum comfort, excellent use of space, along with all of the commodities that you would expect from a luxury yacht: all intertwined in perfect harmony with the modern design and class that define our Yachts. The expressions of those that board a VanDutch for the first time never cease to amaze us!  Imagine how much space and comfort the VanDutch offers; with Esthec Composite Teak finished flooring, with expansive over-head closets with an exquisite Corian finishing, the VanDutch simply incorporate functionality and elegance in the most tasteful way. Each and every component in the interior of a VanDutch is carefully planned and thought out with the ultimate objective of delivering a smooth, enjoyable yachting experience, free of vibration and never succumbed by engine sound. VanDutch interiors pass by extremely strict tests of sound testing, in order to achieve a perfect design with utmost performance. Air Conditioning, excellent audio system, microwave, refrigerator, and cooktops are only some of the ideal standard elements aboard each and every one of our luxury Yachts.  The VanDutch 40 and VanDutch55 both count on a completely equipped bathroom with an electric system to bring you the comforts of hot and cold water. The award winning VanDutch 55, has the interior capacity to accommodate up to 10 people, but this is nothing compared to our awaited up-coming launch, the VanDutch 75.  This model will have a much larger capacity; stay tuned to learn more about this impressive launch. We think that the best way to illustrate the caliber of luxury and comfort of the unique VanDutch interiors would be essentially to give you the opportunity to live such an experience, which is why we invite you to get in touch with one of our many VanDutch Centers. If you require immediate assistance please do not hesitate to reach us at the nearest VanDutch Center or by e-mail at [email protected], or you may fill out the form located at the bottom of this page and we will immediately get in contact with you.
Luxury Yacht Delivery | VanDutch 40

VanDutch 40 Delivery

Here at VanDutch, we are very proud to welcome to our very exclusive, and selective family our new family members, the Aristeguieta Family!. After some time of negotiation, our main and principal objective was to offer our VanDutch clients the boat of their dreams. They had a specific time frame and their own tailored, customized requests- in this case the “Rolls Royce Titanium with Hermes Orange.” It was truly a pleasure to see our VanDutch clients happy with their VanDutch 40, but above all to see how rapidly our VanDutch Family is expanding around the World. Now we welcome you, to explore the endless possibilities in the VanDutch World! Where you are free to explore the infinite options behind every VanDutch program. From Sales to Charter to Pre-Owned Programs we are standing by to complete, or complement your yachting needs and wishes! The VanDutch 40 is the star of our line of models, if you would like more info about this model please feel free to contact your nearest VanDutch Center or simply contact us at [email protected] or call 1 888 406 6664!
VanDutch Brunch Sundays

VanDutch Brunch Sundays

VanDutch Center Miami invites you to join our weekly VanDutch Sunday Brunch at Seasalt & Pepper! Located on the bank of the Miami River, with a spacious 225 feet of docking space, this waterfront restaurant offers the same sleek, chic experience for its guests that VanDutch clients expect from their VanDutch Centers. That is why Seasalt & Pepper is the perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon. With VanDutch 40’s anchored by the dock, the glitz and glamour of the restaurant perfectly compliment the VanDutch experience. We cordially invite you to come join us next Sunday, and relax with your VanDutch Team by the gorgeous Miami River. Let us enhance your typical Sunday Brunch with delectable seafood samplers, and come on board our VanDutch 40- permanently docked at the restaurant to entertain the world’s elite yachting enthusiasts.

VanDutch 75 Update

VanDutch 75 Update

Part of the essence of VanDutch is our ability to create and maintain ample room for growth in our product line. We build our yachts with the ultimate intention of continuously perfecting our product in order to suit your needs in the most precise manner possible. We constantly strive for the utmost quality- and as proof of this promise we plan to introduce to you, your family, and friends the VanDutch 75. The VanDutch 75 will be the largest and most exquisite model in our line; this model will certainly surpass your expectations!  The VanDutch 75 will maintain the same style and state-of-the-art technology that positions VanDutch as a firm leader in over-crowded yachting industry. During our latest visit to the factory, we confirmed the adequate progress of the VanDutch 75’s production.  We believe the VanDutch 75 will be completed by early spring of 2015. We encourage you to stay in contact with us to receive the latest updates and news for the magnificent, up-coming debut of the VanDutch 75.
VanDutch Store

The VanDutch Collection

VanDutch is preparing to launch a whole new range of products in addition to our already-impressive line of luxury Yachts.  The “VanDutch Collection” will feature only the top-quality merchandise to suit your yachting lifestyle needs. You will be able to choose from VanDutch attire, VanDutch accessories and other miscellaneous lifestyle items. We are very excited for this launch- we believe VanDutch owners and all yachting enthusiasts alike should have the option to wear and cruise around the gorgeous worldwide waters in true VanDutch Style. The VanDutch Collection will feature many items that will actually be available for personal customization with your own VanDutch Yacht name- like high-end linens, and the best quality accessories for your VanDutch Yacht. We hope you are as excited as we are for this upcoming launch- the VanDutch Collection will be available for purchase through our online VanDutch Store, so stay tuned for upcoming details. If you would like to inquire about more information or already have specific requests, you may forward them over to [email protected] VanDutch Collection: Arrive in Style. Leave an Impression.
VanDutch 40 Bentley Blue

VanDutch Arrivals

VanDutch 40 was brought in to our VanDutch Center Fort. Lauderdale this month! A gorgeous Bentley Blue model arrived- and is already sold! This luxury yacht model will be delivered to a previous owner as a trade-in for his previous VanDutch 30. As you know, VanDutch 40 delivers power, speed and design in ultimate luxury- it is no wonder it is our most prominent model! This is largely due to the fact that it lends itself for the perfect day trips with your family or fabulous evening soirées with the people you love to celebrate with. A second VanDutch 40 also arrived this month- the Rolls Royce Titanium arrived in true VanDutch Style with gorgeous Hermes Orange upholstery and the Classic Black Bimini. Both models arrived with the newly updated Esthec preferred deck color: Platinum. This new color of teak composite decking doesn’t heat up when exposed to the high temperatures of the sun. By absorbing less heat from sunlight it maintains the excellent strength and longevity that Esthec is widely known for. If you would like to try out different color combinations to envision your own VanDutch Model- please take sometime to explore the Color Configuration feature available for all yachts and let the fun begin!

VanDutch Deliveries

VanDutch Deliveries

VanDutch 55 was delivered this month to the South of France! It was a gorgeous Super Jet Black color  with Chanel Beige upholstery topped with Biscuit Esthec Composite Teak decking.

A VanDutch 55 was rushed out of our VanDutch Center Newport this month! Just in time for the Newport International Boat Show- a stunning Skyfall Model was delivered to be the star of the show!

chic metropolitan magazine

Chic Metropolitan Magazine

VanDutch teamed up with high-end Chic Metropolitan Magazine to be part of their issue “Fast & Luxury” that appeared on national magazine stands on August 28, 2014. Chic Metropolitan is a truly iconic, luxury-lifestyle magazine that caters to the glamorous Metropolitan cities of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and of course, fabulous Miami. VanDutch welcomed the world- renowned team of Chic Metropolitan on board a VanDutch 55 and a VanDutch 40 to enjoy the Miami intercostal ocean hues to shoot the elegant edition of  “Fast & Luxury.” The Chic Metropolitan Team managed to capture the exquisite clean- sharp angles that VanDutch Yachts are known for- we invite you to watch the entirety of the shoot through the complete “Behind the Scenes” video right below. If you would like to read more about the Chic Metro shoot make sure you click here to get more information.
VanDutch On Venue Magazine

VanDutch On Venue Magazine

VanDutch celebrated yet another successful feature on one of Miami’s most iconic magazines: Venue Magazine. Venue Magazine is a local luxury magazine- reflecting the sophisticated style of the city’s most quintessential luxury products, jetsetters, and exclusive events. For this photo shoot- Venue Magazine team anchored up a chic, all white VanDutch 40 to the docks of Seasalt and Pepper for this sexy shoot on the water. The beautiful hues of the famous Miami River contributed for the perfect, unforgettable VanDutch experience. The captivating VanDutch feature titled “Fashion Under the Sun” hit national magazine stands on August 2014. If you would like a closer glimpse of the stylish VanDutch section in Venue Magazine please click here for the full article.

VanDutch Style Open House

VanDutch Style Open House

VanDutch Center Fort Lauderdale celebrated in true “VanDutch Style” on Saturday, August 9th for our first Open House ever!

We opened up our doors for our Friends & Family to come enjoy a luxurious afternoon of Rosé & Hors d’oeuvres.

The event was a true success- Team VanDutch sold one 40 and two 55’s!

We would love to have you join us at the next one, stay in touch with future VanDutch Style Events!

Arrive in Style… Leave an Impression!

Leave your fireworks

Leave your fireworks

If you are planning on spending the 4th of July in Fort Lauderdale, you will want to leave your fireworks at home and enjoy the sights and sound from our VanDutch Center on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Fireworks located at A1A and Las Olas Boulevard. City of Fort Lauderdale helpline (954) 828-5363; 1/2 mile east of 2300 East Las Olas Boulevard Ft. Lauderdale, FL33301
VanDutch Cancun Center

VanDutch Cancun Center

VanDutch Cancun Center coming soon.

VanDutch is known for its renowned Dutch craftsmanship in yacht construction.

In other words, a symbiosis of modern design and advanced technology have come together in order for you to arrive in style while making your impression felt.

Cancun, one of the most spectacular Caribbean destinations, and VanDutch, one of the most spectacular in yacht design have teamed up to create a unique yacht buying experience.

Upcoming Events

VanDutch presents “The Lounge”

Dear VanDutch Enthusiast,

We are pleased to extend an exclusive invitation to you to attend VanDutch presents VanDutch “The Lounge” at the River Yacht Club, a luxury waterfront experience during the Miami International Boat Show.

Join VanDutch and its partners to officially open the VanDutch Lounge at the River Yacht Club during the 2017 Miami International Boat Show, where guests will enjoy a collection of live entertainment, special pricing on food ($8) & drink ($9), along with an emmersive brand experience from partners like Hard Rock Café, Yachtlife, Prestige Imports, River Yacht Club, Toys for Boys, Yachts.in,  HUBLOT, East Miami, Suit Supply, Zacapa Rum, Spero and more. VanDutch presents: VanDutch “The Lounge”, A Waterfront Experience at the RYC Saturday, February 18th, 2017 | 3pm River Yacht Club, 401 SW 3rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33130 rsvp.vandutch.com VanDutch Owners Club members receive a bottle of the famed RYC Rose as a gift inaugurating the seasonal opening of the VanDutch Lounge, including complimentary valet, docking, and a discount on all purchases. Don’t miss out on this exclusive event during the Miami Boat Show, at Miami’s top waterfront lounge.

RSVP now as space is limited for this special event.

VanDutch Canada Friday Harbour

VanDutch & Friday Harbour


From Friday, January 20th to Sunday, January 22nd

VanDutch and the Friday Harbour Resort collaborated on the official VanDutch Canada brand launch in Toronto, Ontario. Each of the three evenings catered to a targeted audience, including Toronto elite, city council and elected officials, Friday Harbour Resort owners and residents, select media and local residents. Further photos and videos from the launch will be available via the VanDutch Facebook page later this week.

Friday’s kick-off event featured an unveiling of the official VanDutch 30 “Friday Harbour Edition”, introduced by Friday Harbour Resort’s Principal Partner Jim De Gasperis, and VanDutch Director of Operations Reed Nicol. Guests were able to tour the stylish sport yacht, and speak with VanDutch representatives about the company’s expansion into Friday Harbour Resort and Canada. The partnership intends to fuse Friday Harbour Resort’s impressive Canadian resort culture with the globally recognized technology, design and style of VanDutch on the water. This powerful partnership includes the VanDutch Toronto Sales Center at Friday Harbour Resort, operating VanDutch Canadian Sales & Service, the VanDutch Lounge at Friday Harbour Resort, and extended benefits in the exclusive VanDutch Owners Club.  Opening 2017, guests of the VanDutch Friday Harbour Sales Center will be able to configure, sea trial, service & maintenance the VanDutch fleet, including the versatile 30’, classic 40’, and powerful 55’. For media inquiries, sales, and further information on the VanDutch Friday Harbour partnership, email F[email protected], or call +1 (647) 360-3421.
Rock my Boat

“Rock my Boat” Halloween Sunday

Sunday, October 30th, 2016 River Yacht Club | 401 Southwest 3rd Avenue, Miami, FL

River Yacht Club kicks off the season with a thrilling Halloween edition of “Rock my Boat” Sunday this weekend. DJ Alex Orue, Revolution Radio Miami’s host of “DETOX” broadcasts live from RYC inpartnership with VanDutch. Costumes are encouraged.

Table reservations highly recommended: 305-200-5716.

Nightmare on the Beach

Nightmare on the Beach

Saturday, October 29th, 2016 Lummus Park | Miami Beach, FLL

VanDutch is a proud supporter of Miami’s Little Lighthouse Foundation, which hosts its annual Halloween fundraiser Nightmare on the Beach 2016: Dia delos Muertos on Saturday, October 29th, 2016 on Miami Beach.

Tickets include a premium open bar sponsored by Patron, including Ultimat vodka and Pyrat rum, as well as tastings from some of South Florida’s best restaurants and caterers. VIP tables and bottle service available.

Visit www.NightmareOnTheBeach.com for more information. 

Halloween Super Car Run

Halloween Super Car Run

Saturday, October 29, 2016 Prestige Imports & Lamborghini Miami | 14800 Biscayne Boulevard, North Miami Beach, FL

The Prestige Imports | Halloween Super Car Run is open to the first 100 registered supercars and travels from Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach to Homestead Speedway and back, this Saturday, October 29th, 2016.  The day begins at 2:00PM at Lamborghini MIAMI with check-in, meet & greet, costume photos & a BBQ lunch.

Departure will immediately follow the driver’s meeting at 4:15PM, with a police escort to Homestead Motorsports Speedway. Drone Nerds will provide incredible aerial footage along the route. Participants will drive the Speedway, mix & mingle with like-minded exotic car lovers, enjoy a buffet dinner and find out who wins 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in the Costume Contest.

VanDutch Labor Day

Labor Day Celebration

Enjoy Labor Day in Style with VanDutch.


Let’s finish Summer the right way. Join VanDutch and the River Yacht Club for an annual Labor Day Celebration on Saturday, September 3rd, 2016.

Arrive in style with friends & family to enjoy live music, champagne specials and a collection of yachts on display from VanDutch, Tecnomar EVO and Axopar.

All VanDutch, Tecnomar EVO and Axopar owners will receive private VIP tables, addition discounts, and a Owner’s list of specials.

Contact 305-200-5716 for table reservations.


VanDutch + HBO Ballers Premier Party

VanDutch + HBO Ballers Party

VanDutch at the HBO Ballers Season 2 Premier Party

The Rock was in the building. What more can be said?

On a beautiful Thursday evening a the River Yacht Club, VanDutch and HBO hosted the Season 2 Premier Party for Ballers which airs this Sunday, July 17th at 10PM exclusively on HBO. The show’s full cast including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Andy Garcia, Rob Corddry, Omar Miller, HBO Executives and A-list celebrities were in attendance to celebrate the show that has taken the country by storm (most of the show is shot in Miami, FL).

A special-edition “Ballers” VanDutch was revealed during the event, which featured a surprise live  performance by Future.

View more photos of the event

VanDutch + Rolls Royce at L'escale

VanDutch + Rolls Royce at L’escale


Rolls Royce Motors Cars Greenwich invites you for an evening of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at L’escale restaurant, on the water at the Delamar Hotel.

Please join us with the new Rolls Royce Dawn, complementary service and valet for the evening.

June 22nd, 2016 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Space is very limited. Please RSVP


L’escale 500 Steamboat Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830

Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

To RSVP Please contact: [email protected] 203.661.4430

MILLER MOTORCARS 275 West Putnam Avenue Greenwich, CT 06830 203.661.4430 | www.millermotorcars.com

2016 Hearts & Stars Gala

2016 Hearts & Stars Gala

Hearts and Stars Gala, Venetian Carnival Event Date: March, 12, 2016 The Little Lighthouse Foundation’s Hearts & Stars Gala 2016: Venetian Carnival will be held on March 12th, 2016 from 9 pm – 2 am at the Miami Seaplane Base at Watson Island. Guests will enjoy a top shelf open bar and tastings from some of South Florida’s top restaurants and caterers. Hearts & Stars Gala 2016 is a black tie (optional) Venetian Carnival masquerade party with casino style gambling, music, dancing and over the top production.
Avant Gallery Vernissage

Avant Gallery Vernissage

Avant Gallery Vernissage 270 Biscayne Blvd. Way, Suite 102, Miami, FL 33131 Avant Gallery and VanDutch partner with Sotheby’s Institute of Art for a special opening evening of art and cocktails. RSVP NOW.
Haute Living & Hublot Afterparty

Haute Living & Hublot Afterparty

Haute Living Magazine + Hublot VIP Dinner & Afterparty
The Residences of Dwyane Wade and Wayne Boich
Nothing says Art Basel like a star-stuffed evening at two magnificent waterfront homes – the first belonging to Miami Heat power-player Dwayne Wade, the second from energy titan Wayne Boich. Sponsored by Hublot, Haute Living Magazine, The Collection and VanDutch, sixty-five people enjoyed an intimate dinner at Wade and actress Gabrielle Union’s magnificent estate –  swathed in large-scale artwork from Special Guest Mr. Brainwash – including actor/artist Adrien Brody, baseball legend Alex Rodriguez, developer Jorge Perez, Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, artist Romero Britto, developer Ugo Colombo and Haute Living CEO Kamal Hotchandani. Guests then boarded four $1.7 million VanDutch 55’s for an evening cruise to Wayne Boich’s jaw-droppingly expansive home, where 400 VIP guests –  including music impresario Russell Simmons, actor Owen Wilson, boxer Joe Fournier, and LIV-owner Dave Grutman – sipped Dom Perignon and danced until well after midnight. That’s VanDutch style.