Build smarter: the mantra that manifested into an innovative, efficient, and brand-focused VanDutch production environment, now manufacturing in two locations between the Americas and Europe.

When VanDutch decided to embark on its own production in early 2018, the team took the opportunity to completely renovate its manufacturing processes, introducing intercontinental locations, perfecting its innovative build strategies and using the best strategic partners. Every decision made to deliver quality in VanDutch, and quality in the Owner’s VanDutch experience.

VanDutch Production & Development manages VanDutch production worldwide, with operations in Fano, Italy and New Jersey, USA. VanDutch Production is focused on efficiency, both in improving delivery times and in limiting error.

In 2018, VanDutch uses an advanced CNC precision process to produce its molds; a computer automated cutting system producing a mold in a fraction of the time with near zero imperfection.

Most recently, the VanDutch 40.2 and 48 molds were produced using CNC Routing technology at the VanDutch Production location in Fano.

From the mold, its hull and top deck are produced using vacuum-core resin infusion. Further, VanDutch has migrated to using NMEA 2000 data systems on all new models to reduce cable runs, drastically improve the compatibility of on-board electronics, and manage your entire system through a single touch screen.

Both production facilities represent the clean, simple sophistication of VanDutch style, implementing second-to-none procedures which guarantees a quality final product, and undergo thorough quality control to deliver perfection in every VanDutch coming off the line.

Future Owners are welcome to enjoy their very own VanDutch Production Experience, a visit to witness VanDutch production innovation first hand, and sea trial their VanDutch in its birthplace before final delivery.

The ultimate goal for VanDutch manufacturing: transparency in production. The customer’s build process is a personal journey to creating their dream, and by building smarter, VanDutch continues its quest to revolutionize sporty aqua-mobility.

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