Lifestyle, design, and performance, the features that have always characterized VanDutch have now been joined by the 'Made in Italy'. VanDutch becomes part of the Cantiere del Pardo family, the renowned Italian based shipyard with over 45 years of experience in building quality yachts. Time to cruise in luxury, today with a touch of Italian craftsmanship.

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Starting its manifest in Europe, VanDutch defined itself by limiting the intricacies, material variances and system complexities of its competitors. It was time to simplify the experience: straightforward for the beginner, chic for the sensational couple, versatile for the active family and powerful for the thrill seeker. It was visually appealing and simply stunning; compelling even to those who'd never considered a life aquatic.

The VanDutch 40 As the sole member of the fleet, the VanDutch 40 spidered through Europe, making its name in destinations like Cannes and St. Tropez, where life leads with style. It wasn’t long before names such as F1 Racing and Red Bull hosted the notably social boat at the Monaco Grand Prix. Its centralized deck table and sizable top deck, presented an opportunity to entertain at sea like never seen before.

Combining these notably social features with the defined lines of its mastered hull, VanDutch became a simple pleasure for the world’s elite.


From the marinas of Monaco the story continued, gaining enough popularity to justify a more agile version for a more versatile clientele.

The VanDutch 30 replicated the simple sophistication of its bigger brother, utilizing like hull lines and an open concept top deck delivering a brand new experience to it’s class.

Global awareness invited the 30 and 40 into the super yacht space, where guests and crew appreciated how VanDutch’s compelling simplicity made day cruising enjoyable, guest boarding safe, and did it all with effortless style.

As the world’s elite started to catch on, demand for something bigger had to be fulfilled. Discover VanDutch 30.


The 2013 launch of the award-winning VanDutch 55 was rapidly followed by some of today’s brightest celebrities, influencers and business moguls. Its presence alone drew eyes and cameras, continuing a trend of delivering a yacht easily recognized as VanDutch, regardless of size.

The 55 culminated in partnership with luxury timepiece brand HUBLOT, when both companies embarked to create a unique version of their product to pay homage to the partner.

VanDutch delivered the VanDutch 55 “Big Bang” a stealthly all-black bullet, hosting HUBLOT VIPs and celebrities from 2015 to today. In response, the timepiece icon created a limited edition VanDutch Aerofusion, using materials found on board VanDutch for a unique touch.

The piece was sold in HUBLOT stores and direct to VanDutch owners worldwide. Discover the new VanDutch 56.


VanDutch’s 10th Anniversary represents a determination to reinvigorate and reward the global collective of VanDutch owners and fans who have developed the VanDutch style.

To celebrate its anniversary, VanDutch’s 2019 model year brings a large collection of new products and special editions including the
VanDutch 30.2,
VanDutch 40,
VanDutch SYE (Super Yacht Edition),
VanDutch 48,
VanDutch 56 and
VanDutch 75.


As a testament to the company’s avant-garde history, the new VanDutch represents a new age of VanDutch design, style and function. As a special edition of the new 40, the VanDutch SYE features the desired electronics, transport features and preferred seating layouts of super yacht owners and crew.

The VanDutch 48 delivers a new crossover to market, which sized down the famous VanDutch 55 top deck for a more adaptable vessel. The VanDutch 56 succeeds the classic 55, intended to set the precedent for the perfect day cruising experience aboard a remastered classic. And as the largest and most customized option of the fleet, the VanDutch 75 fulfills the lofty goal of delivering the biggest ocean-going cruiser still simple for its owner to operate himself. Discover VanDutch Yachts.


Build smarter: the mantra that manifested into an innovative, efficient, and brand-focused VanDutch production environment, now manufacturing in two locations between the Americas and Europe.

When VanDutch decided to embark on its own production in early 2018, the team took the opportunity to completely renovate its manufacturing processes, introducing intercontinental locations, perfecting its innovative build strategies and using the best strategic partners. Every decision made to deliver quality in VanDutch, and quality in the Owner’s VanDutch experience.
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VanDutch is sleek and modern, and your buying experience should be the same. Each VanDutch Center is conveniently located where you live and play, and staffed with knowledgeable, professional VanDutch Specialists whose only goal is to assure your comfort and ease in ownership.

Our VanDutch service-minded team is trained to assist not only in the design and ordering of your VanDutch, but to facilitate all your boating needs.

Should your needs be in financing or leasing, insurance, dockage, staffing or crew, or even arranging transport, your VanDutch Specialist can handle it all. Relax, it’s VanDutch Style!

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The innovative expertise of Cantiere del Pardo, consolidated over more than 50 years, is the secret of producing yachts that are increasingly more environmentally friendly whilst characterized by an unmistakable design.